“The RIGHT PLACE is a place that exists in relation to ourself and not in relation to any attacker, as such when we move we take the RIGHT PLACE with us, it is always where it has always been, exactly where it  is at training,”

I am in the process of rewriting and updating my E-Book, MAKING YOUR MARTIAL ART WORK ON THE STREET, no small job I tell you, the original took about three years to get together, I will be lucky if the rewrite will be completed before Christmas 2019, this is the original forward, still relevent, still misunderstood.


Apart from the obvious physical differences between Fighting in the Real World and Simulated Fighting / Training in the Dojo or Kwoon, there is a bit of an Elephant in the Room and it is this very Elephant that makes Students doubt the Validity or Practicality of their chosen Style.

 Training Situations or Scenarios may very well reflect Real World situations that you could encounter but Training very rarely reflects the way individuals react to other individuals, it deals with a Martial Artist, a well trained confident individual facing a Bad Guy, a low life.

For many good reasons Training does not included being surprised, being scared, being hurt, being damaged or simply not wanting to be there, and all of the Psychological Implications that come from these things.

Early training is about building confidence, even if we need to tell ourselves a “Little White Lie” about how awesome our Martial Art is and how unbeatable we will become.

 And because we are trying to build confidence we go along with what we’ve known all along to be a “Little White Lie”.

Before long we forget what brought us to the training, forget that our foundation is a “Little White Lie”.

Later on when we are actually beginning to develop some skills we push the “Little White Lie” deep into the back of our Memory because we now like the idea of becoming awesome.

Without an acceptable reason for creating our “Little White Lie” in the first place, it soon just becomes a Lie, along with all the baggage that deliberate lies come with, before too long it eats away at our hard won confidence in ourselves and by extension confidence in the  “Little White Lie” and that is when the doubt sets in.

There is an unfortunate but understandable aspect of all Martial Arts in that they try to make everything about their own specific Way of doing things, it is a bogus belief, no one Martial Art can possibly be the best thing to use in every situation, most Martial Arts started out as or have evolved into the thinking and advice of just one person, the winner, the survivor, who could have quite possibly won by accident.

All Martial Art Styles were created to deal with a specific and very local situation, say pulling Samurai down off Horseback, or having the ability to remain in Balance and fight on a moving Opera Barge. This does not mean that we cannot use these styles in a different Environment but it does mean that we need to adapt them to the particular circumstances that we may find ourselves in.  

And there will definitely be a number of situations that your chosen Martial Art will be so unsuited to that it will flat out fail.

But one Martial Art will suit you better than any other, its theories will fit into your thinking more easily and the physical requirements will fit in with your own personal capabilities and as long as you allow yourself to not lose sight that you are a thinking evolving Human Being you will find an answer in your Style where there was no answer before, this is how Styles evolve.

If someone attacked you and you happened to be holding a Stick I doubt there would be any hesitation on your part to use the Stick, even though you may have no Stick training, your Mind would just take the information from your Style and adapt it to the situation, you should not even be aware of this but an onlooker would tell that you had some form of training by your movements and body shape.

“If we learn how to move, and more importantly how we as individuals like to move, our Mind will find a way to add our Martial Arts training to this if the need arises.

“The RIGHT PLACE is a place that exists in relation to ourself and not in relation to any attacker, as such when we move we take the RIGHT PLACE with us, it is always where it has always been, exactly where it is at training,”



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