A constant idea in my posts is that what we learn and develop in the individual Forms is just the beginning of the training and not the aim of the training, the real work is combining everything until we see that there is only one move in all of Wing Chun, one IDEA, all the Forms progress naturally into the next Form, every Form contains all the aspects of the previous Form or Forms so that there is little benefit to be achieved by anchoring all of our training in any one Form, whatever Form we are currently working on contains everything up to that point.

Many students choose to deny it but Siu Nim Tao is not a Kung Fu Form it is Wing Chun Chi Kung, this is why we can keep going back to Siu Nim Tao no matter how advanced in our training we are, basic conditioning exercises are a part of every training regime even for world class elite sportsmen, the first real Form from the point of view of Kung Fu is the Chum Kiu, everything we do with a partner MUST be based in Chum Kiu, with Siu Nim Tao we are doing the important and essential exercising and conditioning our mind and body in anticipation of doing the work but not as we may think training for action.

Real progress is not measured by how well we do any individual Form but rather how well we transition from one Form to the next and how we meld them into the one operating IDEA, this ultimately is what Wing Chun is.

Transitioning from Chum Kiu into Biu Gee, or in fact from any of the Forms to its successor is not really very difficult once we understand the various nexus that link the Forms, these usually appear at first as the same movement or sequence done in a different place or at a different angle of rotation, it does not matter where we start, after all eventually there is only one move so they are all the same in essence but it is easier to make the initial break through consistently working with a well known and already understood idea, something such as Lan Sau {in many ways everything is Lan Sau, when it rotates we call it Bong Sau},  and in particular how we use Lan Sau to engage our various centres or Dantian, the first thing to observe is how Chum Kiu connects to and is driven by the lower Dantian while Biu Gee is the territory of the upper Dantien the gate to both paths is of course the Shoulder Girdle.

By observing and understanding how and why Chum Kiu deals with force coming via the Lan Sau differently than Biu Gee is the beginning of  genuine Wing Chun knowledge.




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