As a direct consequence of this blog I get a number of casual students that come by for 1,2 or even 3 private lessons just to work on Chum Kiu.

The first thing I ask any new Chum Kiu student is “What do you think Chum Kiu is about”?

One thing that seems to pop up all of the time is the idea that Chum Kiu is how we move Siu Lim Tao.

As an answer this appears to tick all the right boxes but is it actually correct?

Or is it just a blanket to hide our ignorance?

This depends on wether or not you realise what the Sil Lim Tao is, one thing the Sil Lim Tao is not, is the first Form, the first Form is simply an easily accessible vehicle for us to become introduced to the Sil Lim Tao.

It is an easy place to begin.

Sil Lim Tao is the Way of the Little Idea, it is a thought and not physical in its own right, so if the Chum Kiu is moving the Sil Lim Tao then what exactly is being moved?

Only a thought, only an IDEA.

Each of the 6 forms has a slightly different IDEA associated with it, our original task is to recognise the IDEA associated with the first Form {this IDEA will change continuously as our knowledge deepens}, in moving forward practicing the movements of the second Form we are developing an understanding of the associated IDEA behind the Chum Kiu, it is a fundamental necessity that we can see and train the IDEA associated with Chum Kiu in isolation from the IDEA associated with the first Form, then we seek resolution of the two separate IDEAs, this is the only way forward.  Without this approach what chances are there of ever understanding Biu Gee or beyond?

We cannot understand the next chapter of a book if we keep returning to and only read the previous chapter.

Information is not linear, THE LITTLE IDEA lives outside of time and space, it is not just that the first Form influences the second Form, this does not bring about real growth, it is also important to see that the second Form also and equally influences the first.

Often when reading a book chapter one does not make sense until we have finished chapter two, sometimes as late as chapter six.

As none of us ever truly posses the whole LITTLE IDEA there is no specific amount of knowledge needed to move forward, if we have only the faintest glimpse of the associated IDEA related to the first Form then we can move forward to the Chum Kiu, once we develop an inkling of the IDEA associated with the second Form the real work is resolving these two IDEAs so that they can work together.

We do not benefit by combining the two separate IDEAs into one bigger IDEA,  there is a real and present danger of this occurring if you think that Chum Kiu is just how we move Sil Lim Tao, resolution of the two IDEAs will take away duplicates, remove unwanted fill, and begin the development of a unified IDEA.

The opening moves of the first and second Forms are identical, although this could be viewed as an indication that they are in all respects the same Form, I believe Wing Chun to be much more intelligent than that, where is the SIMPLICITY in having to learn two Forms if they are the same Form?

The two Forms open the same and then diverge, into very different beasts, to me it is an indication that the real work is in resolving the two Forms.

It has nothing to do with shapes, and very little to do with movement.


What do you think you are doing when you do the S.L.T. Form?

What ever that is can you move it?

If you can how does Tarn Sau relate to your feet?

Think about it.




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