We Humans attach some significance to the End of Cycles, especially personal anniversaries, and as arbitrary as the length of the cycle is we attach more significance to certain numbers, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and so on, it is quite crazy really,

but it is what it is.

2016 – 2017 is a crazy cycle end for me, the planets have lined up in such a way that I have been training in Wing Chun for 25 years, I have been teaching Wing Chun at various levels for 20 years and I have been running my blog for 10 years. The fact that I have been running my own School for 7 years seems to somehow fall short of this righteous significance,  all the same it does give me a great sense of achievement.

When I started my first Blog in 2007 it was named the Brothers of Biff, I was unaware of blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress available at that time so it was a stand alone web site, it was my intention that it would benefit my Sifu’s school, most of the senior Instructors, of which I was one at that time, agreed to participate with the idea being to establish a wide knowledge base for my Sifu’s students, but blogging was in its infancy and easily misunderstood, my Sifu banned the people who worked for him from participating at the risk of losing their jobs and eventually he asked me to abandon it, out of respect for my Sifu, who was very ill at the time I did abandon that Blog, I often look back and wonder what it could of become, there was a great deal of knowledge amongst those few, those lucky few, those Band of Brothers.

But I did not stop Blogging, I just went underground so to speak, made it a more personal weblog, and in retrospect it has been a great aid to me in understanding, deepening and clarifying my relationship with Wing Chun, and I truly hope it has been of assistance to all that have read it.

After all this time there is not much more left to say, Wing Chun is just not that big or complicated, in fact every year it gets smaller and easier for me to understand.  To be expected after 10 years of blogging I am finally begging to use the medium more effectively, and after 25 years of training and 20 years of teaching I genuinely believe I know what I am talking about and have something to offer.

As one Cycle ends another begins, this is the Way of the Universe, this is how we train, this is how we do all stuff, so I am going to start again from the beginning and hopefully explain myself better, or at least clearer, my way may not sound like the normal or default way of approaching Wing Chun, but it is only how I look at things, and of course explain them that is different from the usual suspects, Wing Chun is always evolving, Wing Chun changes us, we do not change Wing Chun.

Happy New Year.


2 thoughts on “W.C.W. END OF CYCLE – NEW YEAR”

  1. Thank you Derek for all of your contributions to Wing Chun, and for your sincere desire to help us learn. Best of luck in your continued journey.


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