Wing Chun Wednesday




First things first, this particular posting is more “My Opinion” than the interpretation and sharing of established Wing Chun thinking, after all this is My Blog set up mainly for My Students who are well aware of my personal stance on Fighting and Self Defence and the place I hold Wing Chun within these boundaries,  I have no wish to upset the feeling of anyone that views Wing Chun as “More than a Fighting System” so if that Guy is you I recommend you give this post a miss.  

Floyd Mayweather was quite possibly the best Boxer on the planet, and his most impressive strike was beyond doubt his Straight Right, which if observed from a Wing Chun mindset is just an application of Bong Sau.

Wing Chun is Boxing, Chinese Boxing, the variance or deviation in application between Wester Boxing and Chinese Boxing are simply evolution of the same IDEA taken in opposing directions in each form of Boxing.

In the ring there is no chance of having your Leg swept or being pulled over or pushed down and attacked by an opponent that now has a Position of Dominance standing over you, so Boxers will sacrifice Stability for better Mobility, Power Production and Reach, many Boxing positions could be looked upon as a controlled fall, delivering greater amounts of Body Mass to the Target.

If they miss or the opponent moves and they fall to the floor the Bout is stopped and they are allowed to get back on their Feet, a luxury you will not get in a “Street Encounter”.

A fair amount of Boxing Training is devoted to preparing the Body to take punishment, to get hit, as a result of this boxers are less concerned about being in the opponents “Hit Zone’ than any Martial Artist, in fact part of the movement is to offer yourself up to the opponent hoping to hit inside his hit.

If you are able to factor these things in as you watch a Boxing Match it becomes quite clear that they are deviations from what we do and not differences, as a result it allows us to gather very useful information without the need to get down and dirty.

Chum Kiu is a way of moving the “Ideas” we developed in the First Form, it is not meant to be done just as it is danced in the Form itself, that is just way to limiting, watch Boxers and see if you can emulate them while adhering to all of our Chum Kiu Concepts.

It acts as a catalyst to open up your understanding of your own training.

Floyd Mayweather is not unique in what he does, just exceptional, if you training has reached or passed Bill Gee then the Shoulder Freedom that the 3rd Form brings make it even more obvious that all Boxing is the same.

Although it may seem a contradiction I do not personally advocate “Taking the Fight to the Bad Guy” {I firmly believe that we are better served when we allow him to come on to us, accept what comes in}, but once you are in the ascendancy you need to be able to close things out really, really quickly by chasing him down and turning out the Lights.



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