In general I try to simplify my Wing Chun wherever possible, I try to take out things that may have inadvertently been added by newer generations, my Sifu the late Jim Fung always advised that we trim rather than grow, attempt to recreate the Wing Chun of the ancestors and not make a newer version with things that do not belong,  these days there is a dirth of Wing Chun Schools talking up some very Tai Chi Concepts, adding aspects like Hsin, Jing, and of course Chi, even claims that Wing Chun is an INTERNAL ART.  Although his own Sifu C.S.T. added some of these ideas in his final years my Sifu would say this was just “Painting Legs on a Snake, you may end up with something stronger or better but you no longer have a Snake”.

Even though I talk about being “Inside the Box and Outside of the Circle” I tend to break this down farther into opening and closing your Wing.

We all claim that Wing Chun is a “Conceptual Martial Art” but no one really has any idea what the original concepts are, the Genesis Myth of Ng Mui is a good bet for a founding Concept,  the concept of a Martial System that could be used by both an older woman such as Ng Mui and a younger woman such as Yim Wing Chun, working with this as a concept you can easily imagine taking into consideration the restrictive clothing worn by women, hence the low kicks and short strikes, shifting as opposed to stepping and power from torque as opposed to strength.

A fight is witnessed between a Snake and a Crane, and from this comes the idea of straight strikes as a Snake attacks and circular defences like the flapping of the Wing to turn away incoming strikes.

Very suitable for smaller weaker women, this Concept would of course also be attractive to smaller  Men, most South Eastern Chinese were smaller than their surrounding neighbours.

The Story is a complete myth, but the Concept is sound.

If the Wing is closed we open it { if we are inside the attack we move it to the side}, if the Wing is open we close it { if we are outside the attack we move it in to the centre}, and when we strike we strike in a straight line from wherever our hand is to wherever the target is just as a snake might bite.

The Bio Mechanics of the Shoulder make the Wing rise as it is opened and sink as it is closed so that it moves in and down as in Fook Sau, up and out as in Biu Sau, but in truth it is all just a Wing moving, changing, amplifying through various directions so it is all Bong Sau. This really is all their is to Wing Chun, this is why it is so clever, no need for magic forces, no mysteries, just effective natural Body Mechanics.

Waving not Drowning.


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