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Wing Chun’s kicks fall loosely into 2 categories, a hooking kick were the leg is swung and a stamping kick were the leg is straightened.

Most westernised men have at some time or another kicked a football, just about everyone has stamped on a Cockroach {or another players foot}, so we already have a good idea what kicking is, and what stamping is, so what we are really interested in is delivering force through the kick or stamp, and as we know all Physical Force is weight transfer.

This post is not about technique, the technique you posses from kicking a Football is already more than enough, this post is about considering what we need to maximise whatever level of technique we happen to be at.

The reason I am not talking technique is due in part to the fact that there is an intimate connection between using our Arms and Legs in Wing Chun that pretty much makes separate training redundant, it is that they abide by all the same rules and ideas, the mechanical theory behind our kicks and our punches are the same, just inverted due to the different position of the Knee and the Elbow, in a kick when the Knee flexes the lower Leg comes up, with punch the Elbow flexes and the foreArm goes down, inverted but the same.

Shoulder / Hip rotation, Knee / Elbow flexion the limb begins to straighten into contact with the Fist / Foot, this is the classic Stamping or Thrusting Kick / Straight Punch.

Hooking Kicks and Side Slashes are the same action moving on a more diagonal plane.

Something that cannot be overlooked when kicking is that by its very nature the act of kicking places us on one Leg, in this way it is different from Punching, so while we may be able to maintain a somewhat central balance when punching we need to adjust this so that we can now maintain our balance and control our stability on one Leg, we need to allow our Mass to shift to our supporting Leg.

This is of course one of the functions of our Chum Kiu training.

Ultimately all power comes from our connection to and relationship with the Planet, the more stable and connected I am at the moment of contact the less my own Body Mass will be affected and the more of my weight will be transferred into the contact.

“More Bang for my Buck”.

If this does not appear to make sense stop reading, get up from your computer and walk into the edge of a Wall.

What hit you?

It was not the Wall.

The Wall was just standing there doing Wall stuff.

What hit you was your own body weight colliding with something that did not move.

Wing Chun is a Counter Attacking Martial Art, someone is attacking us, moving at us, the quickest and easiest way to hurt them is to become the Wall and allow them to walk into us.

Back to Chum Kiu.

When we make any of the kicking movements in the Chum Kiu we should be able to maintain our Foot in the finishing position without troubling our Balance, Stability or our level of being without Tension {Relaxation}.

Our Body weight should be compressing our supporting Leg and not as is often the case our Leg holding up our Body.

This is critical, if you are pushing up through your supporting Leg, even if only slightly you are in the process of moving yourself, when you make contact with your opponent his Force will simply join with your own and move your weight, and your Body along with it in the wrong direction actually dissolving any force that you had created.

This Video is a little longer than my usual Videos so get a cup of Tea.

Irrespective of what ever mechanics you are using to engage your kick if you are not sinking you will be uprooted.

If you can feel the force of your kick travelling then your are uprooting yourself and leaking power.

Kicks feel as if they use circular force, but in this universe there is no circular force, only straight line force that gets interfered with {the Law of Inertia},  things that expand or move outwards are decelerating, {Red Shift / Blue Shift} to create natural acceleration the force must be contracting inwards, if you are consciously using a pivot it must be getting smaller and not trying to expand to reach the Target.

There is no such thing as Centrifugal Force.

If you do not think that this statement is 100% correct get online and do some research, your kicks will love you for it.

Many Wing Chun Students talk the talk of F = MA,  Force = Mass times Acceleration, but do not grasp the difference between SPEED and VELOCITY, if you wish to understand kicking you really need to sort this out while you are at it.

At the very beginning of this post I likened all kicking to Sports kicking, as indeed it is, the reason a Football player does not need the same stability as we do is simply that the thing he is kicking is of such a magnitude of mass smaller, Newtons 3rd Law still operates but the differential in the Mass means that the sportsman is not affected.

Moral; If you cannot control your Balance and Stability only kick little Children.


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