W.C.W. 19-08-2015



This weeks post is a somewhat light hearted synopsis of what I have posted over the last few weeks, often in Wing Chun we train in a vacuum, we forget that there is a Universe out there.

I try to teach Wing Chun from a very practical position easily explained by the Physics that we all know and can easily access on the Web, and because I am a very ordinary physics student I try my best to present them to my Guys in simple easy to understand terms, in many ways I try to demystify Wing Chun a little, to get everyone to see how intelligent it is, there is no magic, no secrets  just everyday Physics.

This is very much how Wing Chun was explained to me and I personally think that this is Wing Chun’s strength, its Crowning Glory.

In the last post I mentioned that our Body Method in defence and attack need to be almost Polar Opposites,  but I know how easy it is to take this for granted, to hope that there is just a little magic going on and to try in some way to emulate the fictitious Kung Fu Heroes, this often blinds us to the very simple nature of what we do.

Blinds us to the obvious and lead to us loosing faith in what we already know as everyday Humans, and from this grows the idea that it takes 10, 20 or 30 years to become proficient.

I take what I do very seriously, but that does not mean that we need to be “SO SERIOUS” about our training, we learn more when we laugh and we learn more when we are having FUN.

When you hit someone with something soft, no matter how heavy it is, it will allow the Kinetic Energy to return and not do the amount of damage that its potential suggested.

Observe, when I hit James with this Pool Noodle the Potential Kinetic Energy { E = ½mv2,  or half my Body Mass multiplied by my velocity squared}, is exactly the same as when I hit James with the Stick { because I am the same and I am the engine that produces the Kinetic Energy}, due to the fact that the Pool Noodle has no inherent tension the impact Force of our two Bodies is dispersed through out the Pool Noodle, eventually finding a weakness in the structure and changing its shape, however with the Stick there is nothing but tension, so much so that it cannot disperse the impact forces, so stiff that there is no weakness, so the Force stays at the point of contact, when one contact point moves an inch so does the other contact point.

With relation to hitting James the contact points are where my Feet meet the Floor and the point that my Strike lands, my Body simply replaces the Pool Noodle, if I am in a state of relaxation on contact the Force from the Floor and the returned Force from James Body will meander around inside of me until it finds a weakness in my Structure and then it will distort that weakness, technically if our Structure is perfect this will not happen, but for the same reasons that we will not stay still this will just not be possible.

Much of this information, especially the correct hierarchy of movement and how to introduce controlled tension, are introduced with the study the Third Form Bill Gee, especially when looked at as an extension of the second Form, Chum Kiu, but these days so many people just do the First Form and Chi Sau, sadly they never get a chance to explore them, over the next few months I will cover some of the more easily accessed aspects of Chum Kiu, there is only so much you can get from a Blog.

Remember that if you find yourself in a Violent Situation, every time you hit something you should be looking to break it, your call, the Pool Noodle or the Stick?


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