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WING CHUN WEDNESDAY 08 – 07 – 2015


Edmonton - April 9, 2009 -Kris Andrews (Edmonton, in white shorts), left, takes on Anthony Osbourne (Miami, FL, in red shorts) in the blue corner, at the Blunt Force Trauma boxing card at the Shaw Conference Centre. Andrews wins by decision.

More than once my Wing Chun Brothers have commented upon my approach to teaching Wing Chun as being overly aggressive, my Sifu’s son branded me a Thug, all because I believe that when you hit someone you should really hurt them, and that you should always be looking to knock them out.

Why do I think this way?

Because I am a kind person ……………………… really.

Let us look at a typical situation, a Guy throws a straight punch.

ME….... take the blind side, punch him in the ribs really hard, fight over.   1 Blow to the Bad Guy.

Typical Wing Chun…  Counter pierce, cut down and multiple straight punches, let us say 4, hook kick and a palm strike or 2, fight over.  7 Blows to the Bad Guy.

I do not see how I can be looked upon as over aggressive when I strike many times less than a typical Wing Chun Student.

A solid punch to the Ribs will very often finish a fight right there and then, I know this from personal experience, more importantly I know this from both sides of the story.   It is the same thing with Knock Outs, you get to go home and you have caused a lot less damage to the Bad Guy.

There is a great big misunderstanding about Knock outs, many people think that you need to hit people really hard, this is incorrect, Neurological Damage can be produced with very little effort, and thats what a “Knock Out” is, a Neurological Shut Down, on one occasion when I was Boxing I tried to dodge a Right Cross and just did not get completely out of the way, the punch barely clipped my chin, I did not even feel the contact but a split second later my Knees turned to rubber and the next thing I knew I was looking up at the Referee.  There was not even a mark on my Jaw where the Glove hit.  If it is done right it does not take much.

Another thing to be aware of is that not all “Knock Outs” leave people asleep on the floor, that is the Typical “Out Cold” Boxing knock out, there is also the  “Technical Knockout”, where a person is awake and standing but unable to see, hear, move and of course they are unable to defend themselves or fight you, and then there are “Flash Knockouts” that simply turn everything off for a brief instant of about 2 to 3 seconds, people comeback from these as if nothing happened, except of course they have no knowledge of what happened in that lost time.

Blows to many parts of the Body can bring about a  “Knock Out”, a hard blow to the Liver or Spleen {which are situated beneath the Ribs just below the Chest on the right and left side respectively}, can shock the system into simply shutting down, but usually most  “Knock Out” blows are blows to the Head that produce the shut down by Concussion, Brain Stem Damage or Interrupted Blood Flow to the Brain, it is not unusual for there to be a combination of the causes involved in a single Knock Out.

Concussion is caused when the Brain slams into the inside of the Skull.

Brain Stem Damage is caused when the Brain rotates inside the Skull.

Blood Flow Interruption is caused by a blow to the Carotid Artery and / or the Vegas Nerve, both situated in the side of the Neck.



It is important to understand that it does not take all that much to knock someone out, it does not take special training, you do not need to be a Martial Artist, all it takes is a blow to the Head. You yourself could be knocked out just as easily by the blow you are defending yourself from.

There is an Elephant in the Room when we talk about “Knock Outs”, and that is that sometimes the person that goes down does not get back up, but before you stop training remember that it could just as easily be you, what we need is to be talking about it with our Instructor and Training Partners, being actively aware of it and involved in shaping our training to minimise the possibility.

The majority of people that die from Knock Outs die as a result of falling backwards like a plank and banging their head on the floor, it is the impact of the Brain inside the Skull that does the damage, if you can somehow build in a way to control how and where the fall will happen, sideways, forwards or straight down, then you will greatly reduce the chances of the Elephant stamping on the Bad Guy. If you push people push them down and not back,  if you pull people pull them sharply downwards so they do not spin.

If you are in a violent situation, when the Red Mist of Anger or the White Fog of Anxiety descends you will not be thinking you will be too busy fighting, I believe you would do well to build this into your training routines so that it has a chance of being automatic.

This is what I teach to the INCa’s, especially as everything we do leads to P.H.O.P.O.  Push him over and piss off.



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