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WING CHUN WEDNESDAY 10 – 06 – 2015


Firstly let me reiterate that I am not trying to criticise the quality of the Wing Chun in this Video, it is very good, the description of what Sifu Mark is teaching is clear and easy to understand, following the advice in this video can only enhance your own training, I chose this Video because it is a good Video and so we do not get caught up in trying to pick holes in another Instructors Wing Chun and can look at the vehicle itself.

recap it here if you need to …

As an Instructor I am familiar with Students coming to me and saying “Have you seen  ****’s Video on Youtube”?

And then asking if I think it is any good or not, but that is not a question that is easily answered, firstly I ask them..

“In what CONTEXT was the Video posted”?

Many Students do not even understand the question…. “DUH”



Something to be very aware of is that different Countries face different problems, this is the reason that there is so much variation between Instructors, it is always about Self Defence.

But what are you defending yourself from?

Do not forget the old adage “Never take a Knife to a Gun fight”.

In the U.K. if you go Pub’n’ and Club’n’ somewhere along the line you will get Fronted Up, every weekend more than likely, not all of these events turn into full blown Blues but not all of them fade away neither, Sifu Mark teaches Students the tools for dealing with the most common problem.

Here in Australia this problem is not so common, here in Australia there is a far greater risk of being accosted by more than one person often without notice, even if there is a Front Man there will usually be another lurking close at hand, the Stand Your Ground approach is somewhat redundant in these situations.

As I mentioned last week with regards to this post many Videos do not make sense unless you have a KEY, some prior knowledge on how to use this information, and most of the time the Key is what led up to this situation in the first place.


And you may ask yourself…..


How did I get here?

I mentioned that in the U.K. getting Fronted Up is quite common, but even though it is how did the participants end up so close to each other?

Is it possible to find yourself in the position shown in Sifu Marks Video?

 Attention spans are short these days and getting shorter, if your Video presentation is more than 3 minutes long you will have lost half your audience, at 5 Minutes most of the audience so any Video maker is faced with the Dilemma of what do I leave out to bring it in under 5 minutes?
But the Video still needs to appear functional, it still needs some sort of narrative to tie things together, even if the narrative is fictitious.
Unless you are totally blinded by the movies every single technique we teach every single scenario we run is a fictitious narrative.
But this fictitious narrative {that is really just the Glue being used to keep the thing together} often comes over stronger than imagined.
Language is such a small part of communication when compared to imagery.
What is seen often overrules what is said.
What you see happening is remembered at a deeper level than what you hear.
This is a very real problem for Students that do not have regular access to a quality Instructor.
The information in Sifu Marks Video is brilliant, if you can take it as just what happens at the contact point and suggestions for how to move forward from that point.
The missing Key to making any Video useful is understanding how you got to that Contact Point.
Where you will actually be {relationship to your environment, not all Fights happen in well lit Training Halls} and what you will be doing {as in moving or being moved} as you make contact.
Remember, nobody stands still in a Street Fight, you nervous system will not allow it.
And unless you do not have even the slightest idea about how nasty a “Real Fight” is you would never be standing that close to someone that wants to have a go.



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