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Attitude 2.



 I realised my calmer, gentler nature is probably my best form of self defence. My Wing Chun skills are Plan C after Plan B (walking away) fails. When it is on, I know I need find that nastier side. I lost a fight many years ago by doing exactly what you said, trying to do just enough to win the fight, which of course is what the law expects you to do. Given that experience, my humble advice to students is you can’t be half pregnant. It is either on or not. No point pushing and shoving. Either move away (preferred option) or move in (if it is your only option). I look forward to reading your post later on this.

In no way is this post a criticism of my Friend.

There are two very distinct sides to the Martial Arts, there is Combat Sport Martial Arts and then there is Traditional Martial Arts.

And the people that populate these Universes are usually very different.

I have experienced both sides, for the first 20
Years I was involved in Combat Sports Martial Arts, Boxing and Competition Judo.

For the last 30+ years I have studied Traditional Martial Arts, mainly Wing Chun Kung Fu.

I think that we all know that C.S.M.A’s think that all T.M.A’s are wimps and T.M.A’s think that all C.S.M.A’s are Thugs.

But where does this come from?

Is it even remotely accurate?

Combat Sport Martial Arts are not about maiming and killing, it is all about personal competition, Traditional Martial Arts on the other hand have evolved from the Battlefield and are all about causing as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time.

We appear to be substituting the Sports in the old Maxim….Rugby {now T.M.A.} is a Sport for Thugs played by Gentlemen. While Football {now C.S.M.A.} is a Sport for Gentlemen played by Thugs.

There is an ATTITUDE with a lot of Traditional Martial Artists that what we do is not Violence, it is somehow honourable and perfectly acceptable at all levels of society, but Combat Sports Martial Arts, M.M.A. in particular, are just War without the Bullets.

Some years ago at a weekend Camp with my old school one of the most Senior Instructors said of kicking someone on the ground that “Wing Chun people do not fight dirty”????

 He unwittingly implied that rupturing someones Testicles with a snap Kick, breaking someones Nose with a Punch, bursting someones Ear Drum with a Palm Strike, snapping someones Rib Cage with an Elbow Strike or simply fracturing someones Femur with a Hook Kick {all of which are techniques he taught} are perfectly good, clean acceptable things to do, but hitting someone on the ground is not.
This is how loosing mentalities, loosing mind sets or loosing attitudes are formed.
There is a huge section of my Traditional Martial Art that claim to be doing it for health reasons, they are confused by the many Kung Fu flicks that make out the Hero to be some sort of misunderstood Holy Man trying to reach nirvana despite the hordes of ordinary mortals he destroys on the way.
There is simply no possible way to Punch someone that does not include the deliberate wish to do that person harm.
There is another difference between C.S.M.A’s and T.M.A’s that is the cause of much of the name calling.
Combat Sports Martial Artists are training for a Fight that they know WILL HAPPEN, in fact they would like it to happen sooner rather than later and they are looking forward to testing their skill.
Traditional Martial Artists are mostly training for an event that they personally hope will never happen, and if it does kick off it will only be because there was absolutely no chance of avoiding it.
Who would you put your money on?
My Friend said  I lost a fight many years ago by doing exactly what you said, trying to do just enough to win the fight, which of course is what the law expects you to do.
What Law?
As far as the Law is concerned you are not allowed to hit anyone at all at any time for any reason.
There is an unwritten law for most T.M.A’s that they will use only as much force as is needed and no more.
How much is Enough Force?
How long is a piece of String?
The amount of force used in a fight is determined by nothing more than Social Convention, and the higher your Ego holds itself in this fictional society the less force you will use based on the idea that you are a higher human.
 We should take our lead from the law.
A Slap to the face is the same under the law as an Elbow to the Face, it may or may not be treated the same by individual Magistrates but that would just be Social Convention and the Magistrates choice, not the Law, the Law put you up in front of that Magistrate.
Enough is when the Threat has gone completely.
When you hit someone you break the Law, you may fancy your chances of convincing a Magistrate the you had a justifiable reason for doing so, this is whole premise of Self Defence, but you are pleading guilty to Affray{at the very least} asking for circumstances to be taken into account and throwing yourself on the mercy of the court.
If you are a Martial Artist and the other person is not you will find it very hard to make that claim stick, especially if you are an Instructor, the prosecutor would simply paint you in as an expert fighter.
A Thug.
Taking the “Higher Moral Ground” will not get you out of trouble.
Dealing harshly with Evil People does not make you an Evil Person.
It makes you a survivor.
So you may as well take it all the way, develop the mindset that makes it him and not you that goes to hospital.
And then send him there.




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