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Wing Chun Wednesday 06-05-2015

Mayweather v Pacquiao and REAL WING CHUN.


In the wake of the Fight of the Century I decided to use it to point out why my approach to Wing Chun is quite different from many other Schools.


Not Better.

In the post fight interview Manny said that he thought he had won the fight, and I understand what he means, where he is coming from.

Even though as an ex – boxer I had it scored unanimously in Money’s favour.

Manny came to WIN.

But he failed.

Money came with the intention of NOT LOOSING.

The rest as they say, is History.

How does this relate to my view of Wing Chun?

Prize Fighting is all about wining, it is a pay day.

Self Defence {and the last time I looked Wing Chun is a system for Self – Defence} is all about not loosing, getting out in one piece.

If you watch most Wing Chun Videos, the Wing Chun Man is just attacking relentlessly, most schools teach students to step in, to chase the Bad Guy, they very much use a Pac Man approach, check out any Master Wong or Emin Boztepe or just about everyone’s Video on YouTube.

Just for an example, check this out….




Because of course everyone that does Wing Chun is out doing “NAUGHTY STUFF”.

If you are a genuine, even moderately well trained Wing Chun student “HOW THE FUCK” did you end up here in the first place.

Back to the Post.

Pac Man thought he was winning because he was doing all the attacking, in some ways this is the situation that anybody would find themselves in when they are in a fight, ring, octagon or street.

Mayweather, the best defensive boxer alive never once used a redirection technique, no Tarn Sau or Garn Sau for him.


In the extreme close quarters of a fight there is simply no time or room to be performing any redirection, it is cover up and take the blows or get knocked down, it is what it is.

Wing Chun is not a Close Range fighting Art, it is a middle Range fighting Art, we do our stuff at Chi Sau distance and hit inside the attack by repositioning and Body Rotation.

If a Wing Chun Man is constantly stepping in how can he maintain his range and use his training?

If a Wing Chun Man is constantly pressing isn’t he leaving himself open to a clever fighter?

If a Wing Chun Man is stepping in isn’t he simply being the Attacker with all of the Moral and Legal ramifications that that brings with it?

Below is a Video from Facebook.

It is a Wing Chun demonstration from Europe, and to be expected it is getting ripped apart by the rest of the Martial Arts community.

I do not wish to talk it down as being this or that or whatever, in all fairness it is a really good demonstration, unfortunately this is how most of the Martial Arts Community and a very large portion of the Wing Chun Community think that Wing Chun works, sadly this is the goal of many students.

I have myself been in and organised a good few Wing Chun demonstrations, demonstrations are deliberately more like a Ballet than a Battle, their aim is to entertain and excite the onlookers and hopefully garner interest in their style, their school, and to encourage people to join them. Any demonstration is advertising, every demonstration is a teaser on what you can expect to be taught, and as I said before, this is a really well performed demonstration. Kudos.

My personal criticism of this particular demonstration is that there is absolutely no defence to be seen, it is just a collection of situations where two people face off and go at it. And while this scenario does indeed play out,

in School Yards,

in the Street version the Bad guy will of learnt by experience that it is better to not give too much notice of his intentions.

More and more this is how Wing Chun is being taught, it is what a great deal of students want, lets be honest about something, if this is what the customer wants to buy this is what you will eventually sell, or go bust, and this is where Wing Chun will end up.



The young Men and woman in this clip are obviously very well trained and capable.

But is this anything like the REAL WING CHUN?

If a Demonstration is like a Ballet, and as we know a Ballet is simply a way of telling a story, is this really and accurately the story of Wing Chun?

If it is then it is me that is the Fool, because this does not resemble what I was taught, and nothing like what I teach.






Disagree, tell me why, if you agree give me a Pat on the Back

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