WING CHUN WEDNESDAY 01 – 04 – 2015

The Power of the Vortex.

The last few posts I have been encouraging people to check out the Science that runs our Universe and to try to look at Wing Chun from a purely Scientific / Mechanical viewpoint.

I know that the vast majority will not do this and more than likely wonder why I bother even talking about Science when this is a Wing Chun Blog.

Lets begin with a very simple question.

What do you know about Centrifugal Force?

What does it mean to you?

Where does it fit in?


I will tell you what I know.

And that is that Centrifugal Force does not even exist in our Universe.

So if you think that Centrifugal Force is a real and active force , that alone should have you going back to your Science Books.

Centrifugal force is not a real Force, it is only something we think happens.

In many ways it is just like Elbow Force.

Over the years, studying and teaching Wing Chun I have noticed that many Students just do not know how things work from a Mechanical point of View, and that this prevents them from understanding why we do many of the things we do in Wing Chun.

Even more worrying is when Teachers say one thing and then do another.

When I first progressed to studying Bill Gee our Senior Instructor proudly proclaimed that now we would learn how to harness the “Power of the Vortex”, but sadly every circular movement they made expanded outwards.

As a Wing Chun enthusiast reading this Blog do you know why this expansion is wrong?

I am not trying to teach Science, in fact like most people that have been away from School for over 40 years I struggle with it, but I still research it.

Especially the really basic stuff like Newtons 3 Laws, it really would not surprise me to find out that Newton did Wing Chun.

Think Scientifically before you punch.


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