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As a follower of this Blog you will be well aware that I practice and teach Wing Chun as an active Martial Art, a Fighting Art, which of course is what it is, but there is a side to our training that can lead you down the Garden Path to doing Wing Chun as a substitute for Yoga, Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais Method {and we really should admit that Wing Chun is quite inferior to these others when looking for therapeutic results despite sharing some very minor similarities} due to the focus on Posture, Relaxation and the understanding of the Motor Function of the Human Body, especially Major Joints.

Relaxation, or rather working without tension, is important, not for any reasons of Health that may or may not arise in your Body but because it allows the Physics that govern our Universe to operate without impediment.

A Tension Free Body is a better Conduit for Kinetic Energy than a Body that is operating with Physical Tension.

Understanding our Structure as a “Conduit” can help Focus your Intention.

When we move any or all of our parts the Potential energy of our Body Mass is converted into Mechanical Energy that results in the ability to land a Punch that weighs far, far more than the actual Fist – Arm combo. Blockages in the Conduit or Power Chain {tensed Muscles} prevent any Potential Energy below the blockage form being added to the Punch, and once you realise that all of our Power is a result of our connection to the Planet and its Mass, it is this Potential Energy, the Potential Energy of the Mass of Planet Earth that our Body is acting as a “Conduit” for,  then any tension at all, even tense Feet, prevent Power Production hence the emphasis on “Absence of Tension”.

Our Body Conduit allows us to transfer energy from the Planet to any “Contact Point” when striking and of course in reverse from any “Contact Point” back into the Planet when accepting an incoming Strike.

This Energy transfer happens if we understand it or if we do not, it is part of “What Is” we simply work to improve and then maintain its effectiveness.


The Contact Point when we are Striking is whatever part of our Body we have chosen to land on the opponent, Fist, Palm, Fore Arm, Elbow, Foot, Shin, Knee or Head, whatever we use to make contact immediately becomes the end of the Conduit.

In defence what ever part of us we choose to intercept the incoming Strike with becomes the Pointy End by default.

I am not overly keen of analogies, but sometimes we have no better method to describe somewhat abstract ideas, so the Pointy End is similar to the Pointy End of a Spear, the bit we handle, the bit we move and have a real and active contact with is not the bit that does the Work.

Most of the training we do has very little if anything to do with the intended Work.

Every single thing we do when attacking or defending is just to get the Pointy End to move in a straight line to the place we want to do the work so that our Body Conduit can allow the Physics of our Universe to simply happen.

This is what Wing Chun has always done and should not be looked upon as some Tangental or off beat way of approaching Wing Chun, if anything not being obsessed with the Pointy End is the weird Tangental practice.


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