Wing Chun Wednesday

WING CHUN WEDNESDAY, 22 – 10 – 2014


It does not matter what style of Martial Art you practice, or what aspects of it we train to a point of competence,  will never use it in the way we train it.

Trying to simulate what a real “Violent Encounter” is like is truly impossible, “Violence” happens much Closer than training, even closer than Chi Sau {which is after all just interception distance, not fighting distance} it happens much much quicker than expected, especially if you have been surprised, and there will always be some level of surprise even if you are expecting the argument you are having to “Kick Off” and it comes with much greater ferocity, you can thank Adrenalin for that.

There is nothing we can do about this, it is just the way things are.

The way things have always been this is “Reality”.

When someone Attacks you it should be understood that they will be at a much higher state of excitement than any training partner will ever be, this can result in some very different approaches to how they attack you than are covered by your weekly training.

Some will become “Cagey” and try to trick you with feints or distractions, especially if the “Event” lasts more than a few seconds and becomes a variation of a “Match Fight”, others will give way to anger and just charge at you like a Bull, others will mix and match, every encounter will be completely different, completely unique.

You can see this in M.M.A. where some Guys sit back and look for openings while others others use headlong attacks from the word go.

I believe that Wing Chun’s “Conceptual” approach gives us the best chance possible of dealing with something that we have never approached in training, which will be just about everything the Bad Guy does.

It is the Concepts that we need to spend time on, the “Thinking”.

Most of the early training I received did little beside pay Lip Service to what the Concepts actually were, none of my Senior Instructors would say “This is the Concept we are trying to understand with this set of movements” or words to that effect, so if you did not get it then you did not get it.

As a result many people simply never get it, and it is not their fault.

Without an understanding of the concept, the “Fighting Idea” the expected, realistic result of your action, many Techniques or Drills just become Hand Waving or even worse.

As funny as this video is  Master Ken has a point, apart from anything else he has as good an idea of Wing Chun’s Centre line theory as most Wing Chun Students, I have seen far worse examples of a Lap Sau Drill than this.

Are you yourself aware of the concepts {Fighting Ideas} you are training when you play your favourite Wing Chun?

If you are just Drilling shapes and movements then you are doing a variety of Master Ken’s Patty Cake Drill.

Understanding the Concepts of Chi Sau, Lap Sau, Gwoh Sau etc turns almost any movement into a useable action, if your Partner was throwing “Continuous Punches” and you added “Intention” and “Body Movement” it would not be difficult to turn the above Patty Cake into a dynamic and aggressive Drill that would most certainly do the job of getting you out of the “Brown and Stinky”.

Below is some vision to go with my last 2 posts on Drills, outlining the Learning Objective and extending it into a useable method with simple Body movement.

As with everything we do in Wing Chun the actual Hand Shape is of little importance, Pak Sau can be replaced by Chum Sau and achieve the same ends, Bong Sau and Reverse Tarn Sau are just different aspects of the same movement, which is sideways redirection.

Playing the Drills without the Fighting Intention is not completely wasted time, developing Hand speed in the Drills will invariably lead to faster hand speed in your Punches, so playing the Drills faster and faster is not only a heap of fun but also quite complimentary to everything else you do as you learn and understand how to extend and move your Arms without tension, but at least 50% of your time spent doing Drills should be about Grooving the Concepts.


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