Wing Chun Wednesday

W.C.W. 30 – 07 – 2014


Sigung Chu. R.I.P.

Sadly yesterday we lost the head of our Clan, Master Chu Sheung Tin, the Worlds collective knowledge of Wing Chun has just been cut by 25%.

I did think about not posting today, but I reckon Sigung would of wanted all things Wing Chun to progress as usual.

For Sigung I raise a Glass.


In a boat, on a river, in a mist, if another boat knocks into yours you may yell at the other fellow to stay clear. But if you then notice that it is in fact an empty boat, adrift on the tide with no one in control, you stop yelling.

When you realise that all people are just drifting boats, there is no one to yell at, and when you realise that you your self are a drifting boat, there is no one to yell.

Chuang Zu

Once when training with my Sifu I asked his thoughts on special breathing techniques in Wing Chun, especially “Reverse Breathing or Taoist Breathing” where you push the Abdomen out as you exhale, his advice was that in general you just breathe normally, mainly due to the complexity of Breath control in the chaos of a violent situation, he did however say that he used it when performing the “One Inch Punch” and that it was an intrinsic part of Bill Gee.

He told me that it wasn’t really the Breathing, it was the action of “Pushing Out” the Abdomen that created a power surge that flowed into the Spine.

During instruction one evening when Sifu described the Bowing sequence in Bill Gee to us all he said that the rising is initiated by thrusting the Abdomen towards a spot on the Centre Line between your Feet, this action is an effortless way of relocating you Hips underneath your Body,it presses our Body downwards and connects our Mass with the Earth  the resulting return of that energy and decompression of the Legs begins the extension that you complete by raising up the Spine.

Many of my Brothers struggled with this, and our Sifu was not the type of Sifu that “Spoon Fed” anyone so it was a case of work it out yourselves until I cover it again in about a year or so.

Luckily for me at that time I was using an exercise program by Matt Fury called “Combat Conditioning” and this very aspect of using your Abdomen {he calls it Warrior Breathing, cute eh} was a big part of his regime so I found it less difficult to understand, I had the usual problems getting it to work, but it did work in time.



My Sifu, the late Jim Fung { Fung Chuen Keung} in full flight.



If you understand Energy flow you can clearly see the connection between Sifu Jim’s left Foot and his Right Punch, and even in this still picture there is a hint of Waist Thrusting as his mass shifts from square on to his punching side momentarily, with very little physical extension of the Arm or deliberate pivoting, the Hips are still relatively square to the Target but the Shoulders show the Spinal Whip of Bill Gee intention.

During my research into Fa Jing I have come across this sometimes called Waist Spitting {but I assure you it has nothing to do with Saliva} and some Chen Tai Ji practitioners call it “Belly Thunder”.

As we all know when we set ourselves in the Y.C.K.Y.M. at the beginning of the First Form we pull our Navel in towards our Spine {I have since seen this referred to as Waist Swallowing, and seems to me to be the opposite of the term Waist Spitting} to draw the awareness or Intention down into the Dan Tien and help elongate the Spine, one of the aims of this action is to realise how to gain control of our Abdomen.

Something I recently read mentioned that this was an intrinsic aspect of Ip Mans power.

When we expel our Belly Forward it sends a shock into the base of the Spine, this shock is amplified by the Spinal Whip of Bill Gee and transmitted along the Chain that ends with our contact Point, if it is a Punch we have the added distance and acceleration of the extending Arm. The Energy release of this “Belly Thunder” also momentarily shifts your weight from your rear Leg {Dan Jung Sum in Chum Kiu} into your lead Leg, causing Mass Transfer towards the Target.

Once we start playing with this “Waist Spitting or Belly Thunder” it makes the lateral shift in Chum Kiu a great deal easier to understand and do.

In Fa Jing it should be timed to happen with the strong exhalation that you make on contact and that confusing idea of the lower Body sinking while the upper Body rises.

I have worked on this with my Senior Guys and I tend to agree with my Sifu, while it is a certain way to improve power when there is nothing else to burden our processing power,  I do not know how practical it would be in a “Real Sh*t Storm”.

But this could just be that I do not yet have the ability to use it to its full potential.


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