Weekend Wonderland, Wing Chun Wednesday

WING CHUN WEDNESDAY, 25 – 06 – 2014


This Blog is intended for Chum Kiu Level Students {everyone is welcome but if you are not yet working with Chum Kiu the information here may clash with what you are presently being told}, if you are training with me that means that you have trained for around 2 years, it may differ with other Instructors, I know of one School that it takes 4 to 5 years before you embrace Chum Kiu, but all in all Chum Kiu does infer that you have made the decision to stay with Wing Chun and have been thinking about Wing Chun for some time  hopefully you have started to make some ground and are beginning to see the “Bigger Picture”, even if you are not yet at this place, try to understand that when you make contact with another Person you are “Bridging”, and even if you cannot see it you are using Chum Kiu, all contact is Chum Kiu and that is why it is such an important step in your understanding of Wing Chun as a Martial Art.  Without Chum Kiu, without Contact what you are doing is Chi Kung.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

This is a follow on from last weeks W.C.W. 18-06-2014 so it may be worth revisiting that post and then reviewing this for a second time.


Shifting to Latch from WC INCa’s on Vimeo.


Although in Wing Chun we do a lot of our training in a static position, this is simply a training practice, it allows us to have more processing power on the things we are trying to learn without the need to think about Mobility, or more specifically, moving while we maintain Stability, it is not Rocket Science Guys, no one fights standing still, the Y.C.K.Y.M. is not a fighting stance, it is a Training Stance, an “IDEA”.

Apart from anything else deliberately staying still can induce an Adrenalin Freeze, not the best tactic if you want to get out in one piece.



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