Wing Chun Wednesday



Doing Forms and Solo Drills is an excellent way to study and understand the Ideas surrounding Alignment, Structure the correct way to use the joints and of course how to release physical tension, but as important as these factors are they are of little value if you cannot affect another person be that a Partner or an Attacker.

This is one of the Core reasons we have Chi Sau, to extend and test the knowledge we gain doing “Solo Training” into a Dynamic Environment, especially the “Solo Training” conducted in the Second Form.

Chi Sau is not just a way of using the Arms but is in fact about how to use the whole Body, even if we are unaware of it when we are performing the First Form we are using the whole Body, if we were not we would fall to the Ground.

Playing Chi Sau without setting up and maintaining your Body in the correct way will make it unlikely that you will ever fully understand what we are trying to achieve, but being aware of your Structure while at the same time performing the range of movements used in Chi Sau is not as easy as it sounds, it is too hard to think about your Structure  until your Arm movements are just about automatic, and it is even more difficult when both partners are trying to set their own Bodies up and do their own thing despite their partners efforts instead of assisting each other.

We all know that we need to pull our Chin back, drop the Diaphragm, release the Hip Joints and point our Bum at the floor, but once we raise our Arms and engage our Partner this just goes out of the window, add movement and resistance it just gets even trickier, and that is why I believe it is essential that a Student has a decent understanding of the Second Form before he can hope to engage in any meaningful study of Chi Sau.

Chi Sau performed from the perspective of the First form is really little more than a preparatory exercise to get your Body familiar with the range of movements needed to play Chi Sau, when you touch Arms in Chi Sau you are forming a Bridge to your Partner and the First Form is not the Bridge Seeker.

Most if not all the exercises from the First Form are intended as guides to improve your Structure and Alignment, paying attention to the Force that is returned to you once you engage an Arm movement allows you to understand how to support that movement with your Body, theses exercises are not meant to affect your Partner, the First Form is 100% Self Analysis, so Chi Sau played from the perspective of the First Form should be an exercise in observing how these actions cause your Structure to be threatened and your Alignment to be broken, once you can correct these things and you are no longer challenged your Body is now supporting your Arms {your Bridge} and irrespective of where you are in your training you are now using Chum Kiu.

It should be noted that if you are you not using your Body to support your Bridge then you have not yet reached Chum Kiu level, even if you have trained for 30 years.

Bringing Chum Kiu concepts into Chi Sau we are really working on how to control our Centre of Gravity while in contact with incoming Force, this is not as many students think simply dropping the weight,  but is in fact lowering the Centre of Gravity, controlling the Centre of Gravity so that you can move it to where you need to do the work.

As my Sifu would say…..

“In sticking Hands we do not try to STICK to our partner or opponent, we aim to create actions that make them STICK to us”.

My aim is to get my partner / opponent to carry my Centre of Gravity, once he has it he will find it nearly impossible to let go of it and I can then manipulate him by simply moving…. anywhere.

Because my partner / opponent is carrying my Centre of Gravity it feels heavy to him because he is literally holding me up, if I use my weight / strength to try to affect my Partner at this time the result is that my Centre of Gravity raises up and I become unstable, we could look upon the result of using Weight / Strength as me moving my Centre of Gravity into the contact point, even if at this juncture I try to relax and rest my weight on my partner my Shoulders will engage and I will simply push myself up,up and away, however if I work at keeping my Centre of Gravity below the contact point all of my movements will become actions powered by Body Mass.

If my partner changes position and pushes me I change my Centre of Gravity internally to keep it below the contact point and take his Force into my Centre of Gravity, it is important that I keep up my shape {that I do not bend my knees or push with my Arms as this would just move my Body and disturb my Centre of Gravity}.

Once we begin to come to terms with this way of thinking it becomes obvious that in Chi Sau we never carry our partners weight, try to drop our weight on our Partner, or try to manipulate them with our Arms.

If I can feel my partner pushing me, if I can feel his weight then he has given me his Centre, we could say that he has now moved his Centre of Gravity onto his Arms, to manipulate him I simply move his new Centre of Gravity, there is no need to try to connect with my Partners Body, he has just given it to me.

In this light we can see that a Fook Sau latch is really just securing a Bridge to my Partner, my Arm Bridges allow me to take his Force into my Chest, I then drop that into my Centre  {this will feel like an actual physical move to your partner}, and then I manipulate them by moving, and not me trying to pull him around.


out of the garage from WC INCa’s on Vimeo.




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