Feather Ruffling, My Own Opinion

Wing Chun 1960 to now.

Lets Ruffle some Feathers.
Lets Ruffle some Feathers.

This is not a true Ruffle, it is a genuinely held concern, but some will be ruffled by it.


If you were able to travel back to a Wing Chun School circa 1960 I am pretty confident that what you saw there would be the same as you would see in most Wing Chun Schools today.


I am not completely knocking it, after all it is what got me here so it obviously works just fine, it just seems to me that more effort is going into stopping Wing Chun changing than is going into evolving what has always been a slightly Avant Garde´ Fighting System.

Let us be honest, would we go to train with a Guy that was teaching Swimming the John Konrads‘ way, Tennis with an aim to be like Neale Fraser, Football in the mould of Stanley Matthews or any other Sport for that matter that had not changed how it trained for over 50 years, would we really want to be only as good as they were back then.

You already answered that question in your Head didn’t you?

So why do we still train Wing Chun in the same way that it was taught in 1960?

As a follower of this Blog you will be well aware of my Crusade to get Wing Chun Students to progress past the “First Form”, to learn how to move, to learn how to use this amazing System to its full potential, to embrace the Bart Cham Do and Long Pole Footwork and as such you are more than likely asking yourself “Why is he going here again today”?

Last week I had a new Student join me, his son is active in M.M.A. {I am trying to encourage more mature Students to take up Wing Chun so I am getting a lot of guy’s over 40, with very different thinking, motivation and expectations than your usual 13 year old Donnie Yen wannabe} and he supports him by going to his Fights.

He came right out and asked me

“How come everyone I watch using Wing Chun in the Fights gets Hammered”?

I told him because they think it is still 1960 and are all doing Body Up Wing Chun.

Before you go into Labour and spit the dummy ask yourself this, why do the guys from the more Dynamic Arts like Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai and B.J.J. think that Wing Chun is weak?

A few years back I used to spar with a Kyokushin Guy, he was 2nd Dan so no Slouch believe me, even when I bettered him { and that was only about 5% of the time at best, usually we just wore each other to a standstill} he would refuse to accept that it was Wing Chun, claiming it was my Boxing and Judo Background that gave me the edge.

I am a Chef in my other Life, for some reason Muay Thai is really popular with young Chefs so I have played with many of these guys, including a few Thai Boys, always they tell me that I am not doing Wing Chun when I know that that is exactly what I was using, it is all I use.

“Why your Knees not together, Why your Hands not in Middle”?

I tell them “that is just beginner stuff, this is grown ups Wing Chun”


If you are a serious and genuine Martial Artist go and ask your Friends or just other people from other styles what they think of Wing Chun.

But be prepared for them to not be kind.

The answer will either make you GIVE IT UP or STEP IT UP, both will benefit the long term future of this fabulous Fighting System that is Wing Chun.



Disagree, tell me why, if you agree give me a Pat on the Back

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