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Simultaneous Attack and Defence.

One of  Wing Chun’s central concepts is Simultaneous Attack and Defence.

But like so many other aspects of our Style the concept is interpreted differently by different people, different Instructors and different Lineages, and sometimes even within the same Group that have received the same information.

For instance in my own line there are quite a few people who believe Simultaneous Attack and Defence to be one action that contains both an Attacking aspect while also having the properties of a Defensive Posture, such as a High Hooking Punch that works as a Bong Sau to deflect an incoming strike, or a Bong Sau that carries on to become a Hooking Punch. And usually it is justified as being exactly what it says on the Box, an Attacking Defence.

While it is undoubted that this type of action can and does exist I find it implausible that anyone that has actually been in a fight would choose to use it.

And if you are consciously doing this then you have chosen this action over other available actions.

Why do I find it implausible?

If I make contact with an opponents Arm the same result occurs if I am Striking or receiving a Strike, kinetic Energy is released into each of the connecting Arms, mine and my opponents, this is Physics and not Wing Chun, in our own training rhetoric we talk of how if there is tension in the Arm this Energy will get stuck in the place of the tension and stay in the Arm and not be absorbed into the Body so we know that the initial absorption is natural and automatic and not brought about by training or any particular Structure {in fact a great deal of Wing Chun training is about how to facilitate the passage and utilisation of this energy} it simply happens because that is what happens.

Any contact made with a continuation of this movement after the initial contact will be at best around 40% of the original Strength / Force / Weight more than likely much less.

If I am in a Fight why would I choose to only use a maximum of 40% of my potential Power?

I would not and I doubt that anyone in their right Mind would once they understand.



An other interpretation of this Concept is that I simultaneously make contact with my opponents Strike with one Arm/Hand as I make contact with my Target with my other Arm/Hand. I find this idea to be unworkable because we would need to always be in the perfect place to pull it off, again I am certain that it happens but not very often, it would demand exceptional anticipation and speed of foot to always be in the correct place at the correct time.

My interpretation is that I initiate an Aggressive Attacking action and a Passive Defensive action at the same point in time from their respective positions, the flow of the encounter would determine what does what, sometimes I will defend, redirect and Strike {with the hit landing split seconds after the redirection} sometimes I will Strike before I Defend {and my defensive Structure simply acting as a safeguard, often not even connecting}, what I understand we do is begin the Process of “Simultaneous Attack and Defence” at the same time, what lands first will be determined more by the position and action of the opponent than by our design.


What kind of Day is it for YOU?

Warrior spirit never dies

4 thoughts on “WING CHUN WEDNESDAY 13-11-2013”

  1. If I may ask,
    What if the meaning of simultaneous offense and defense is like in football? where there is a saying that says offense is the best defense?
    Like what if when we do offense instead only doing harm, we try to unbalance the opponent? that way the opponent won’t be able to mount serious offense, but being busied by defense.
    for example when we do punch, when it connect, we are not retracting the hand but instead push ahead the target in a way that the opponent lost its balance (not necessarily to the full extent that drop the opponent, but enough to make the opponent need to regain its balance). this can be helped by stepping forward, and push in the direction where the stance is weak defending. Rinse and repeat with the other hand, and so on until the opponent surrender mentally or physically.


    1. Once we are talking Concepts then there is no definite explanation, just interpretation, for me once the term Defence is used then we are being attacked and responding to the attack, that is why I do not think that a Strike that doubles as a Defence is quite right because we are already on the front foot, attacking so in many ways Defence does not enter int it. I am not saying that my idea is the only right answer, it is just how I interpret the concept.
      Thank you for joining in the conversation.


  2. I have watched your blog since it began and I keep seeing you and your Students using what looks like a Karate Blow to the Neck, I have only been training in Wing Chun for just under 2 Years so this confuses me, my Instructor tells me he has no idea why you do this so could you tell me, “Is this Wing Chun”?


    1. Hi Rodrigo, I am happy that you follow my blog, thank you, in answer to your question yes it is Wing Chun, very much so it could be looked at as an aggressive Chit Sau or Bill Sau even Chum Sau if delivered diagonally, i will try to use some of the footage from earlier videos and make a new video to explain what it is.


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