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Keeping {just} in the same vein as the last few posts here is a News Item from the U.S.A. that I found interesting from the stand point of Traditional Wing Chun Training, especially if you are a supporter of defending from the Yee Chi Kim Yeung Mah {something that I am not}, observe the speed, and shape of this King Hit and think if your training ideas are up to stopping it.

T’is about as real as it gets, we could all face these.

The Good Guy throwing the Punch is untrained so it could be anyone, in fact it is because he is untrained that makes it so valuable, trained Guys {any kind of training} very rarely step into the Fight the way this Guy does, it just puts you in a vulnerable position to be Counter Hit, but Mugs that attack you for no reason always do,

The report describes the Local Hero as a M.M.A. Fan, this is your average Joe, and more than likely he learned to attack like this from watching M.M.A. or U.F.C. or some other similar program.

Even if you tell yourself that you could Dai Sau and Punch his Ass into next week the Angle of the attack and his lack of Balance and Body Control mean that he would almost certainly fall on you and then you have a rather large Gentleman pulling you to the Ground.

Real Violence is nothing like the “FEEDS” we get in training.

I wonder what kind of Day it was for the Bad Guy?

Warrior spirit never dies

6 thoughts on “Weekend Wonderland”

  1. Kia ora D Man, Y.C.K.Y.M is the starting point ? and if I find my self in a lock or hold position it is the finishing point too or close to it,so you maintain structure for your leverage, don’t you think?


    1. Hi Jamie. It is hard to talk about the Y.C.K.Y.M. with out people taking sides and stopping to listen, Y.C.K.Y.M. dissolves as soon as movement is introduced, it is a stable training stance, but it does not move. However even the Huen Ma or any other stance can bring in the Goat Grabbing {Adduction} aspect so individuals with personal leanings to certain Labels may call any stance the Y.C.K.Y.M. but in truth once you step out of training and into action Stances are pretty much irrelevant, what is important is Balance, Stability / Mobility and Body Unity, and from our point of view this revolves around a Vertical Spine. Something I believe in very strongly is that if your body is “Right” then your Feet and Legs cannot be “Wrong”, Body Unity will do this for you.The main job that your Legs do is to keep your Bum off the Floor, if you are in a Lock or Hold I doubt you spend too much time thinking about your Stance, I would imagine it would be more about realigning the upper body so that you are no longer out of Balance, even if you change Stances to resolve this. At the end of the Day it is the words that fail and not the Idea’s.


      1. I am not trying to disagree with you with this comment, but I am of the belief that if you cannot see the Siu Nim Tao in all the Forms and in fact in all of our actions then you more than likely cannot see it at all, because of this I do not differentiate between the first, second or 7th Form or even on into the 25th Form which was the gist of the Post. I have found that when Students place too much importance in any one aspect of Wing Chun they begin to draw the curtains and block out the light. I know a great many people that have been doing Wing Chun for 10, 15 even more than 20 years that simply do not get it because they are unwilling to allow it to Breathe. As I have stated many times to a certain amount all of the forms are meaningless. Form follows Function, this is the way of our Universe and not just Wing Chun. If the function is correct do you even need a Form?


  2. I have read your blog on many times, I do not always agree with you but this time I am not sure what you are trying to say. I have been training in Wing Chun for almost 7 years and I have been told by my Sifu / Instructor that there is only one Stance in Wing Chun, The Goat Grabbing Stance, we use this Stance only because every other Stance only uses front foot because back foot is too far away and telegraphed. Also Goat Stance gives us access to all our Weapons. You say you do not like the Yi Chi Kim Yeung Mah. How can you do Wing Chun if not in this Stance?


    1. Hi Tom, thank you for visiting CLOSER THAN HONG KONG and for joining the conversation, firstly with regards to your Sifu telling you that there is only one Stance in Wing Chun it is impossible to comment on this without talking to your Sifu to see what he is referring to, all of our Stances share the same attributes and fulfil the same functions as the Y.C.K.Y.M. so it could well be that your Sifu is saying that all of are Stances are in essence the same Stance, I frequently tell my Students that there is really only “One Move” in all of Wing Chun, that is the thing about Concepts, it depends on how you choose to interpret them a lot more than how you perform them. If you are at Chum Kiu level, and after 7 years I would imagine you are, then you would see that when we Pivot, Shift or Step we assume a “New Posture” or “New Stance”, I do not regard these postures as the Y.C.K.Y.M. and this is what I am talking about, the front on Wing Chun Stance is of use only in training and is not used in application.


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