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Lets Ruffle some Feathers.
Lets Ruffle some Feathers.




It never ceases to amaze me that when many People watch Wing Chun Guys sparring or Fighting they say…

“But that’s just Boxing”!

Wing Chun Kuen translates to something along the lines of “Everlasting Springtime Boxing”.      Wing Chun is Boxing, Southern Chinese Boxing.

So why do non Wing Chun People get confused and why do so many Wing Chun People get so precious about the comparison with Boxing?

Usually it is because they have not yet reached or did not stay connected to Wing Chun long enough to be instructed in Chum Kiu and beyond, or often that their Instructor was not Instructed in Chum Kiu and beyond.

Bruce Lee did not train long enough in Hong Kong to be instructed in Chum Kiu and that is why he found it necessary to create the Western Boxing / Wing Chun Hybrid that is “Jeet Kuen Do”.

Obviously if you or your Instructor do not have Chum Kiu knowledge then it goes without saying that Bill Gee and the Luk Dim Boon Kwan are almost from outer Space.

Most traditional Wing Chun Schools teach what I have always seen as “Small Picture Thinking”, learn the first Form until you know it and can perform it flawlessly then you move on to the second Form and do the same thing, and again with the third, fourth, fifth and finally the six Form.

In time the big Picture just appears and you know it all, perfectly.

But this is not the way a Westerner was taught to learn through the Education System and as such it causes a lot of problems, a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of Drop Outs.

The Western Education Method uses “Big Picture Thinking”, we are told what we are expected to learn to fully understand the subject and it is up to us to put the work in to get it done in a reasonable time.

We never have enough time and we know we will need to go back over it again and again if we hope to understand the future lessons that will be presented if we are ready or not, year 12 follows year 11 come what may, fill in the gaps in your own time or fail.

And we do this.

I had been training with my founding Wing Chun School for about 5 Years when I was introduced to Stance and movement ideas you need to understand to achieve Yellow Belt { the first grading, one step up from White} in Judo, I had been training for about 12 years when I was introduced to things that I was shown in my first 2 Months as a Junior Boxer. Both the Judo School and the Boxing Club applied “Big Picture Thinking”.


Know the Function before you learn the Form.

This is not said to criticise Wing Chun { which I love} but to point out that it is a different System and not a different Standard, the fact that you need to spend many Years training before you are shown what is a beginners idea in another style is just how it is taught and not particularly significant.

There are only so many ways that you can land a Fist on another Human Being, the Human body is quite restricted in its available movement so at their Core all styles of Boxing are doing the same thing. Below are 2 shots of a Boxing guard.

Yip Man one sided triangule flipped d255

One of them is Ip Man.

In Western Boxing you have the “Long Range Jab” usually used to attack the Head and the “Short Range Jab” used to attack the Body.

In Wing Chun this is the “Sun Punch” from the Lead Guard Hand and the “Sun Punch” from the Rear Guard Hand for the same purposes.

In Western boxing you have the “Upper Cut” usually used to attack the Chin or the Lower torso.  In Wing Chun you have the Chum Kiu Hooking Punch used to the very same thing.

In Western boxing you have the “Cross Punch” a big looping  Round Punch that attacks the Jaw Line or the Rib Cage.  In Wing Chun we have the Bill Gee Hooking Punch that is an ‘Identical Twin”. same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

Western Boxing Footwork is also the same as Wing Chun Footwork, the only difference being in the fact that the environment that Wing Chun operates in allows for Kicking, Leg Sweeps and pushing and pulling, so in Wing Chun we try to stay Balanced in our Stance, weight evenly in our Feet instead of up on our Toes and projecting forward, when we Punch we use the same mechanics, but where a Boxer can allow the Rear Knee to fold to create a “Drop Punch we aim to maintain our stability so the rear Leg just pulls up along with us {Chum Kiu} to regain our balanced stance.

The stepping practices in the Luk Dim Boon Kwan is exactly as a Boxer moves.

To move forward the Front Foot moves first followed by the Rear Foot.

To move backward the Rear Foot moves first followed by the Front.

To move Left, Left foot before Right.

To move right, right foot before Left.

Neither Western Boxers of  Wing Chun Boxers ever cross our Feet, this causes instant and serious compromises in Balance and Stability.

Situations can arise where you need to move in such a way that could cause you to cross your Feet, in this instance the Bart Cham Do teaches how to move in a Semi – Circular Step that does not cross the Feet.

If you have the knowledge, it is plain to see that Western boxing and Wing Chun are almost identical, the only differences are how we think about Balance and Stability.

So the next time someone starts moaning about Wing Chun Guys just Boxing or tries to tell you the Wing Chun Fighters shuffle about in their “Pigeon Toed” Stance and hit down the Centre walk away, you are talking to a Fool.

And talking to a Fool is like wrestling with a Pig, after a couple of hours you realise that it is going nowhere and that the Pig is actually enjoying it.

What kind of Day is it for YOU?

Warrior spirit never dies











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