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Wing Chun Wednesday; 28-08-2013

Comfort Zones and Training.

As so humorously pointed out by Gerry Seinfeld in “The Close Talker” we all have inbuilt “Exclusion Zones” that operate without our being aware of them, instincts that some Behavioural Scientists think have been passed on over generations and not just put in place in out own Lifetime, if this is the case then no amount of training will replace them.

My own introduction to the “Fighting Sciences” was through Western Boxing, and our Club’s coach used to train us to favour our natural Instinctive way of fighting,  press forward slipping and dodging, stand and deliver or stay out of range and counter, so my own opinion is a bit biased towards this type of thinking to be expected.

In the following Video I have used Chi Sau simply as a place to examine my idea, it does of course apply to everything we do

I teach my Students to work out where they feel most comfortable and to work from there, it makes a lot more sense to me that trying to get someone to put their head somewhere they do not want it to be, in Wing Chun we prepare for Street Situations that we may not even see coming, the chances are very high that our Body will react before our Brain has a chance to employ our training, it would help if we had some idea where this position our Body is likely to move us to was likely to be.

As I mention in the Video, Wing Chun training pretty soon becomes a Social Occasion { as one of my long term Students pointed out “I came for the Fighting but stayed for the Friendship”} and as such our natural “Exclusion Zones” get turned off and everything happens in our Social Zone, almost a Happy Place, if you ever need your training you will be somewhere else completely.

It has been my personal experience that most of the time you get attacked it is by the “Up in your Face” type, this make standing your ground and going “Hey Diddle Diddle” somewhat precarious unless you have exceptional skill and prior warning.

As I said earlier my own opinion is heavily influenced by my involvement in Western Boxing, if your experience is different please share it.

Y.M.M.V.  What kind of Day is it for you?

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