Pangea from H.K. 2 U.K.

Wing Chun Kung Fu lineages are based upon the traditional Chinese Family or Tong, so I have a great number of Kung Fu Cousins, Brothers and sisters, John Cogan and Nima King are 2 of these Brothers, together they operate Pangea Fitness Systems in Hong Kong, and they do a great job.

A couple of Months ago John and his wife Heather relocated to the U.K. and he is in the process of opening up a Pangea U.K. Those who know Pangea know that they offer much more than Wing Chun Kung Fu, if we use the American terminology they run a “Wellness Centre” offering Pilates, Posture Re-alignment, Meditation and much more.

If you are reading this Blog in the U.K. you would do well to check them out, or if you Know anyone in the U.K. then recommend to them that they chase up Pangea U.K.

No matter what part of the U.K. you are in Pangea is definitely CLOSER THAN HONG KONG.

I hope to be able to interview John sometime later in the Year, stay posted.

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