Building a House v. Rubik’s Cube

English: Rubik's cube
English: Rubik’s cube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a small Group within my Student base {the Saturday Group} that employ non traditional approaches to our training, often non Martial Art / non Physical approaches to our training. This is not an Elite´or Inner Circle Group, any one is welcome to attend but the fact that it is at 7am on a Saturday morning sorts out the Chaff from the Wheat  and provides a very effective Filter.

It is normal at this meeting to challenge conventional wisdom and conventional teaching, to test it to breaking point and see if it endures or falls away, the perfect Litmus, not everything fails, not everything endures.

There is a widely used and accepted analogy that learning Wing Chun is like building a House, “First you make solid foundations ……….”  you know the rest I am sure, you may even buy into it, and BUY in to it is very appropriate.

I have and always have had a problem with this, if you are not a Foundations Builder how do you know if the Foundations are correct? And if your answer to this is “My Sifu is the Foundations Builder” how do you know he is a Foundations Builder and not just someone that once knew a Foundations Builder and is just passing on the advice he was given.

The fact that you Love, Trust and Respect your Sifu can actually be detrimental in circumstances like this.

So tell me, in your own opinion do you need the same level of quality in your Foundations for a house that will last 10 years { very few people stay involved in Wing Chun for 10 years},   as you do for a house that will last 20 years or 100 years?

But I digress.

So we spend ?? years building the foundations, next the Walls and on it goes, are Builders that Specialise in Foundations really the people you want to build your Walls, Ceiling, Windows and Roof?

At some level of our Being we all think this way.

This is a very poor analogy indeed.

Even if it worked.

Which it doesn’t.

From the very beginning my Sifu explained to me that Wing Chun was a System, and that even though some aspects of this System may appear to be of greater importance than other aspects that was not the case, because if any one aspect failed or was not up to code then the Whole System failed.

Enter Rubik’s Cube.

I am sure that even if you have never attempted to complete this Puzzle you know all about it, if we employ house Building thinking to Rubik’s Cube firstly we get all the Green Squares aligned so that we now have a the Green Side completed.

What happens to the Green Side when you make your next move in an attempt to tackle the Red Squares?

The Saturday Group is very much about moving along in a non linear {House Building} fashion, moving any Square we feel we need to move to bring the Whole Cube into completion.

And anyone that has completed Rubik’s Cube knows that just before it all almost Magically falls into place you think and feel that you are Miles away.

Your Milage may vary but these guys are moving forward at a very healthy pace.





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