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My Sifu used to say that there are 3 steps to follow if we wish to progress in the study of the Forms, and by extension achieve Mastery in Wing Chun.

  1. Copy the Form moves of your Instructor.
  2. Learn to make the moves accurately, and correctly, in accordance with the Theories of Wing Chun.
  3. Using the Mind to do the work.

Even forming an understanding of this is difficult, but this is what we must do if we wish to be more than just beginners.

Once you think about it everything we do as a Human Body is actually the Mind sending instructions through the network that is our Nervous System, we think about moving our Hand, the Thought is turned into an Electronic Signal, an Electronic Stimulus is sent to the Muscle and the Hand moves, the Mind moves everything we think that we move, so what we are really trying to do is find a way to be aware of this and even be able to control it.

Firstly we must accept within ourselves that it is actually possible to do this, we must realise the power of Imagination and see that it is not just a way for Children to have invisible Friends but is in fact how we all interact with what we perceive as Reality.



I had help in this, in the 1970’s I was involved in Yoga and Meditation, there was a method I was shown to find a way to activate or become aware of our Subtle Body {some refer to this aspect of ourselves as the Man Inside the Machine}, we would imagine that we where at Home in our favourite Chair, there was a knock at the Door, we would get up and answer the Door and find no-one there so we close the Door and return to our Chair.  We would practice this until we saw it as clearly as a Movie, it did not take long.

This is as good a place to start for Wing Chun visualisation as any, once we have activated our Subtle Body instead of getting up out of the Chair to answer the Door we get up and perform the Siu Nim Tao Form, firstly just performing the Arm moves and in time bringing in the Body Work, and then the Energy.  When performing this exercise if you lose your concentration or make a mistake it is best to just finish and try again later, if not then you must begin again from the very start.   This is really quite a few Years work.

Another method that can  be used to Internalise any of the Forms is to choose single movements or short sequence, visualise the move in your Mind, then Physically follow your visualisation, as your visualisation gets clearer and stronger begin to make the Physical moves smaller, and smaller until eventually there is no movement at all with the external body, only the Subtle Body will be moving. This method leads to the ability to reinforce a Static Structure, say a Lan Sau with the thought of movement, you will be now using your Mind to maintain the shape of your Body.  If more Physical pressure is applied to your Structure then you use your Mind to imagine more and stronger Movement, your Mind pushes back at the incoming force but your Body remains Static.

At this point your Mind is doing the Work.

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