W.C.W. 23-07-2014. WING CHUN FA JING


As mentioned previously it is usually when we are working with the Bill Gee form that we begging to develop FA JING / INCH POWER, this is primarily due to the fact that until Bill Gee we are not utilising Spiral movement and Fa  Jing is intimately connected to Spiral movement and it is in Bill Gee that we pay particular attention to the creation of Spiral movement in the Spine.

But there is spiral movement everywhere in Wing Chun, rotation is used in all actions, but they are partial, unformed Spirals that can be difficult to identify, the larger movements of Bill Gee make it far simpler to make the initial connection to the spiral energy.


Quite simply any Energy Wave travelling along a spiral path is actually covering more ground / distance than an Energy Wave travelling in a straight line, it is taking more time or taking the same amount of time at an increased velocity.

In a similar way to the Rifling in the Barrel of a Long Fire Arm the spin imparted by the Spiral aids in acceleration and direction.

It is important to understand that Fa Jing is not in itself powerful, it is simply a method to unleash your Intrinsic Energy, it is a Means and not an End, it is better to look upon it as the detonator and not the Bomb, the more initial Intrinsic Energy {Chi} the greater the effect,  FA JING / INCH POWER is a means of weaponising your Intrinsic energy.

For the Energy Wave to be allowed to travel unhindered it should be obvious that there needs to be ZERO RESISTANCE, complete relaxation of the Muscles and free movement of the Joints are essential, any addition, such as EFFORT will simply kill any FA JING / INCH POWER dead.

If we choose to look at the Sun Punch, in the first Form it is simply an Arm, even if we maintain the Fist vertically it can be easily seen that the Forearm and Upper Arm are rotating slightly, as small as this Arc is it is there all the same, an unformed Spiral from Shoulder to Wrist, if we add a tiny amount Waist turn from Chum Kiu the Spiral is naturally extended from the Waist to the Wrist, if we promote our Body foreword with a tiny hip rotation, as in the opening Leg move of Bill Gee, we are now causing a spiral from our Foot to our Wrist, none of this is contrived or aimed at, it is quite natural, and if all the movement is empty, relaxed, smooth and unhurried there will be no tension caused anywhere in the Body.

When we make contact we have created a Kinetic Chain from the Floor to the Target, all that remains is to encourage this Kinetic Chain, this energy Wave to EXPLODE on contact.

Explosions happen in an instant and are gone, there is no lingering Energy or Force, just a Shock Wave moving outwards, this is an important consideration, everything happens in a split second, and then everything resets to a state of relaxed readiness.

FA JING / INCH POWER is not cumulative, it is not the whole Kinetic Chain Exploding but just one tiny part of it, it is small by nature so there is no combining Ankle then Knee then Hip then Shoulder then Wrist, in fact trying to create a rolling FA JING / INCH POWER effect is moving in the wrong direction completely.

The Energy Wave that is created when you press your Foot into the ground is a very real thing, it is a very large aspect of Wing Chun Power development, of Chum Kiu, this Energy Wave travels along the Kinetic Chain until it is emptied into contact, FA JING / INCH POWER is a way of amplifying this Energy Wave as it EXPLODES and not a means of accelerating it as it travels along the chain.

The Kinetic Energy Wave remains smooth and steady, any attempt to change this increases tension.

Forming a Fist creates tension, so if you aim to release the maximum JING then perhaps it is more suitable to use a Palm or an Elbow or even a Foot.


FA JING / INCH POWER is not a physical thing, it is spontaneous manifestation, like a mini “Big Bang” it comes from nothing, from nowhere.




This may sound like something that is beyond us but it is not, we can all do this right here and right now even if you have absolutely no training.

We do it every time we Sneeze.

I introduce my Students to the quest for Fa Jing in the “B” Section of the First Form, the reason I use the “B” Section is simply that I find it easier to explain my thinking with this section that any other, once the “Idea” takes hold it can be done anywhere.

The first requirement is that you are able to perform the “B” Section in a smooth steady fashion that does not disturb your stability, the feeling is like an Ocean Wave, the energy moves out effortlessly until the Sea Bed begins to compress it and form what we recognise as a Wave, with Fa Jing instead of the wave collapsing under its own weight we release it, to get some idea of were to begin the search move effortlessly out through the moves of “B” until you reach ultimate angle and then instantly release yourself to extension. Our ultimate aim is to be able to choose at will when we release our energy, but first we need to be aware of consciously releasing it, the speed or intensity that you work at is unimportant as at this stage we are simply trying to find the trigger, begin slowly and gently, as you progress and begin to release more and more energy be sure not to do it in such a fashion as to destroy your “Set up”, it is only the last link that releases, in this way our release is like letting loose an Arrow that is held ready, the Bow simply slips away as the Arrow takes flight.

Whichever movement pattern you choose to use it is essential that you do not get involved in the mechanics of what you are doing, you MUST be in a state of Wu Ji  moving without aim or thought, in the midst of this nothing you bring into existence a something.


“B” Section & FaJing from WC INCa’s on Vimeo.


If we are ever unfortunate enough to need our Kung Fu to save the Day it is unlikely that we will be allowed to perform at ranges and positions that suit us more than the attacker, we must be able to release our  JING / INCH POWER anywhere at any time, and not just at “Ultimate Angle”.

Understanding the “Idea” behind FA JING / INCH POWER will allow us to turn any Body part, in fact any Body movement into a weapon.




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W.C.W. 16-07-2013. MORE FA JING


I have been very busy extending my Training Studio at home this week and so have not had time to work on a post to follow what I have spoken about for the past 2 weeks, neither did I make the Video I intended to, but here is a decent Video from YouTube that is very much in line with what I teach and what I planned to do for this post, as you will see many of the movements carry a striking {Pun intended} resemblance to Chum Kiu and Bill Gee.



I have known a few Chen Style Tai Chi players and believe me they can generate some pretty mean force.

I will bring things back into a singularly Wing Chun perspective next week if I can get my extension finished, until then enjoy this.

Or not, your call.



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W.C.W. 09-07-2014


Developing Inch Power is something every Wing Chun practitioner should be taking an active interest in, in many ways developing “Inch Power” is exactly the opposite as developing Nim Lik, and because of this and the fact that so many Wing Chun Practitioners spend the majority of their time trying to develop Nim Lik, Fa Jing is conspicuous by its absence, which is very sad because once you have developed Nim Lik it is Fa Jing that delivers it, this fact is often overlooked in the quest for “Thought Force”.

Inch Power / Fa Jing is the “EXPLOSION” of energy “ON AND INTO” the Target, and not as is very often explained as “ACCELERATING THROUGH” the Target.

Using acceleration is almost a misunderstanding.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

A great deal of the misunderstandings in Wing Chun stem from not questioning your Sifu’s use of the English language, my own Sifu spoke exceptional English, but quite often what he said did not match up with what he wanted us to do, our Idiomatic Connections with words like “RELAX” have little to do with being “ACTIVE”, and out Idiomatic Connection with “ACCELERATION” is so tightly bound up with Motor Cars that we think it goes on forever, constant unending acceleration, these Idiomatic Connections are Cultural Connections and not something we think deep and long about, they are at a level below conscious choice.

The “GOOD NEWS” is that once you change your understanding of the “Word” your actions automatically change in accordance with your new understanding. 

It is usually in the Bill Gee Form that you start to work on Inch Power / Fa Jing, this is not because it is somehow an advanced aspect of training but simply because, as my Sifu told me, “This is where the Information is kept”, this is one of the reasons that I advocate studying all the Forms a soon as possible, some very “Basic Information” is stored in the later Forms.

But in saying this Inch Power / Fa Jing is already present in the First Form in many places, most noticeable is the Jut Sau action.

Many Students work on developing Nim Lik through out all of the First Form {there is nothing wrong with this if it is what you do}, and then work on maintaining it while active in the CHUM KIU FORM, this is {in my opinion} why Inch Power / Fa Jing is not introduced until the BILL GEE FORM, simply to prevent confusion, and an overload of information.

Times have changes significantly since the synthesis of Wing Chun, people are far more comfortable dealing with multiple trains of thought at once so perhaps this practice has become outdated.

With my own Students I get them to work on developing Nim Lik in only the “A” Section of the First Form, and then they can work on Inch Power / Fa Jing in the “B” Section of the First Form, in this manner their progress is far more balanced, and readily accessible, at least in my opinion.

Inch Power / Fa Jing lives in the Gap between “Ultimate Angle” and contact with the Target, the “Acceleration”  only covers the distance to “Full Extension”, and usually contact is made inside this Zone creating acceleration “INTO” the Target.

The majority of movements in the “B” Section achieve “Full Extension” so I find this to be a great vehicle for Inch Power / Fa Jing development.

Some Students that are not up to date with my methods see me or my Students doing the “B” Section, introducing “Inch Power”, they MISUNDERSTAND SO CONFIDENTLY that they tell me I am doing it wrong.

When developing Inch Power / Fa Jing through the “B” Section simply explode to extension on every move, it is important that this action is not destroying your Stability and Structure, because the overall “Idea” is to issue your energy it is important to exhale strongly as you extend, in other Arts this would be a Kaia or the Ha of Tai Chi, the OOSH of Western Boxing and the overriding feeling should equal a violent sneeze.

Once the “Idea” and feeling of this Sneeze / Explosion begin to make some kind of sense it is relatively easy to take it into your Pivots, Shifts, Parries and Latches.

The development of Nim Lik is the collection and storage in the Body of “Intrinsic Energy”, Inch Power / Fa Jing is the issuing of the “Intrinsic Energy” into the Opponent.

Understanding only one aspect of the Nim Lik / Fa Jing connection if of very little real value, both are equally necessary and equally important. Power with no means of delivery, or a delivery system with nothing to deliver are equally useless.

A very basic understanding of how to connect your Multi Vector Force, Kinetic Linking , Nim Lik and Fa Jing is achievable in a very short time with a good instructor, and it will at least quadruple your Power.







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W.C.W. 02-07

Stepping to Latch pt. 2 – leading into Inch Power.

The rear shift in Chum Kiu is in my opinion one of the most under estimated yet most useful actions in the whole Form, once it is understood, an in particular understanding the relationship between your body and the Leg that is instigating the rearward shift, it gives you the ability to move your opponents around almost without involvement from the Arms, it also helps to develop the ability to create Fa – Jing with your whole Body.

In Wing Chun we do not talk a great deal about Fa – Jing, mainly because it is not introduced until you are working with the Bill Gee Form, but it is as large a part of Wing Chun as it is with Tai Chi, we call it “Inch Power” and it is demonstrated by way of the “One Inch Punch”.

Although it may not be spoken about until quite late in training it is first introduced with the Jut Sau in Dan Chi Sau, I will go over the whole Fa – Jing or Inch Power aspect of Wing Chun soon, it is not difficult, just different.

For now, see if you can implement your rear shift into your Chi Sau play.



Fa – Jing is the active ingredient of MIND FORCE, so it is obviously a major part of Wing Chun, cultivating MIND FORCE without also working on Fa – Jing strikes me as being a very slow way of moving forwards.

Without Fa – Jing the “Little Idea” is just that, an IDEA, but once you combine Fa – Jing the “Little Idea” becomes and action.



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WING CHUN WEDNESDAY, 25 – 06 – 2014


This Blog is intended for Chum Kiu Level Students {everyone is welcome but if you are not yet working with Chum Kiu the information here may clash with what you are presently being told}, if you are training with me that means that you have trained for around 2 years, it may differ with other Instructors, I know of one School that it takes 4 to 5 years before you embrace Chum Kiu, but all in all Chum Kiu does infer that you have made the decision to stay with Wing Chun and have been thinking about Wing Chun for some time  hopefully you have started to make some ground and are beginning to see the “Bigger Picture”, even if you are not yet at this place, try to understand that when you make contact with another Person you are “Bridging”, and even if you cannot see it you are using Chum Kiu, all contact is Chum Kiu and that is why it is such an important step in your understanding of Wing Chun as a Martial Art.  Without Chum Kiu, without Contact what you are doing is Chi Kung.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

This is a follow on from last weeks W.C.W. 18-06-2014 so it may be worth revisiting that post and then reviewing this for a second time.


Shifting to Latch from WC INCa’s on Vimeo.


Although in Wing Chun we do a lot of our training in a static position, this is simply a training practice, it allows us to have more processing power on the things we are trying to learn without the need to think about Mobility, or more specifically, moving while we maintain Stability, it is not Rocket Science Guys, no one fights standing still, the Y.C.K.Y.M. is not a fighting stance, it is a Training Stance, an “IDEA”.

Apart from anything else deliberately staying still can induce an Adrenalin Freeze, not the best tactic if you want to get out in one piece.




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