Wing Chun Wednesday, 23-04-2014


On Easter Monday we held a Punching Workshop, 3 hours devoted almost entirely to Punching.

What Joy.

Here is my intro to the Workshop.

“Not many Wing Chun People truly understand the importance of Punching in a “Violent Street Encounter” .

In Match Fighting, like the U.F.C. or any “CAGE” fight,  Jiu Jitsu / Grappling is King, there is no doubt about this, but Street Attacks are not Match Fights, they are often surprise attacks appearing to come out of nowhere or exploding in the middle of an argument.

It is not about how many Punches you can throw in a Second or how fast a mover you are, Street fights are 3 -5 Second fights , you do not survive unless you can respond Fast.

And nothing is Faster than a Punch.

In the type of “Street Situation” that we anticipate in Wing Chun, Punching is the Weapon of choice.

It is fast and effective even when done only adequately, a person with an “Average” Punching ability will be able to finish a fight in the blink of an Eye.

Wrestling does not finish Fights, not Street fights any way, taking someone to the Ground in a Street fight will only result in his Mates kicking you to Death.

Kicking will not end a fight, apart from the fact that very, very few people kick well enough under pressure to make it work it is very rarely an option because you simply are not going to be given the room to work, Kicking takes Space, you need the room to Kick unless like the Wrestling Scenario someone is on the floor and you Kick him in the Head.

Real Fights happen within touching distance, Hand Shake distance, Fighting distance is closer than Chi Sau.

In the real world at this range blocking or redirecting is not an option, we need to Punch.

If a “Street Fight” is not closed off in the first 3 – 5 seconds { and most of them are over or at least decided in 3 – 5 seconds} then everyone steps back and takes a breather then starts again, the element of surprise, our biggest advantage, is gone and it becomes a “Match Up” and match ups invariably become wrestling and end up on the Ground. 

In Wing Chun we do not want to go to the ground, so we need to close it off within the first 3 – 5 Seconds,  Effective Punching does this”.

I hold this particular Workshop 3 or 4 times a year because I think that it is an aspect of training that most Wing Chun Students are really quite weak in.

It is impossible to recreate a similar environment that a “Street Event” takes place in, in training we are always farther away than where it will happen when it all goes Pear Shaped, and real attacks are twice as fast as any training, no matter how “Hardcore” you consider yourself.



In training everyone is working on performing an Action or Technique, the timing is usually decided by the person doing the Work, and so is the position of the Pad or the Partner, the practicing Martial Artist is working in his own Time and in his own Space, this is not solved by taking part in some sort of Sparring, because now there are simply two Guys working in their own Time and their own Space.

In a “Violent Street Encounter” there is only one Space and one Time that both Parties are trying to command, it is a bit like a Time Share Apartment, only one person can be in residence on any one occasion.

“Shared Time and Shared Space cannot be replicated in training because it is always in a state of flux with each participant trying to increase his share, this is why “Real Street Violence” happens much closer and at twice the Speed of any training, either the Bad Guy is trying to close the Gap and get at you, or you are trying to close the gap and get at him, “Real Street Violence” only has half the Time and half the Space to exist in”.

In my experience most if not all Students try to Punch from too far away and try to extend way to far through the Target, this is the Movies having their negative influence, “Real Power” is achieved by pouring your built up Kinetic Energy, your Body Mass through your Fist and into the Target, not by thrusting your Arm through the Target.

Think about a Car crashing Head on into a Tree, what causes the damage is the fact that although the front of the Car has stooped the rear of the Car {and its Kinetic Energy} is still travelling forward, it is the rear of the Car that crushes the front of the Car and not the Tree.

Our Fist is the front of the Car and our Body is the rear of the Car, moving the Fist {Arm} is just an option that can be taken as it increases acceleration and as such multiplies the Power, but to most Students Punching is all about the Arm – Fist relationship.

Below is a couple of minutes taken out from the Workshop. At around 1.00 I make contact correctly with my 3 Knuckles and their is no recoil back into my Body, but when I follow it up with an incorrect Strike you can see my Body get recoiled due to incorrect alignment, it is not possible to become a Kinetic Energy Conduit with out correct alignment.



This is not helped by an obsession with training statically in the Y.G.K.Y.M.

Developing genuine Punching Power is far more important than good Chi Sau or a good Siu Nim Tao Form, at least it is if you seriously want your Wing Chun training to get you Home in one piece, understanding how and why we Punch in Wing Chun is a good place to start but it is only a start, you need to have an intimate understanding of how to build and move a Kinetic Chain {this is one of the key learning objectives in Chum Kiu}, if you consider that as Wing Chun Students we will whenever possible use “Simultaneous Attack and Defence” then Punching is pretty much 50% of what we will use.

And if you wish to stop a Big Guy you need a Big Punch.

Does your own training reflect this?

Why so many Wing Chun Students suffer from almost terminal Political Correctness is a source of great mystery for me {at least that appears to be the case here in Australia}, many feel that if you are training to be an effective fighter your are training to be a THUG, we are not being THUGS when we train to have Monster Punches, we are simply trying to build a useable deterrent.

Ronald Reagan once said that “Nuclear Bombs are for Peace”, and as repugnant as this statement is it is also 100% correct, it is the threat of Nuclear Retaliation that stops most major conflicts from escalating into a full blown War.

Dropping a “Really Big Punch” on a Bad Guy is a sure fire way to get him to leave you alone.








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Lets Ruffle some Feathers.

Lets Ruffle some Feathers.

I was contacted by a young Man who wanted to know about my training methods, after a couple of correspondences he asked why I do not have “Sparring Class’s” like other Wing Chun Schools in my area, his point being, as he mentioned in his Email, that without Sparring how can you be ready for a “Real Fight”.

Here is one of my replies to him…..

“Most Schools these days are ran by people that have never had a fight, they do not really understand what they are teaching, in a Street Situation the Bad Guy does not care what you know, he does not care what style you do, he just wants to hurt you, this is reality, a Street Event very rarely lasts more than 5 seconds, not long enough to think things up.
Sparring is all about Fear Management, not fighting, and as such it is a good Tool, but a Street Situation is not a game you play with a training partner, it is a serious attempt by a Bad Person to do something to you that you do not want to be a part of.
If you think that there are 2 people involved in a Fight then you are thinking about Sport, in the Street there is only one person, the Bad Guy, he is attacking you and you are just trying to deal with it.
 Unless you are stupid, or Batman, you do not want to be there.
I Boxed as a young Man and I can really recommend it, the Sparring is very real and intended to be Physical and teach you about being hit, the whole process is about stepping into the Ring with someone you know intends to hurt you, this is Character building stuff, Sparring teaches nothing, especially the pretend stuff that most M. A. Schools do.
 But if you are like most people the thought of getting hit hard is not very pleasant, that is why people do other styles instead of  Boxing and pretend that it is real. 
If you are serious take up Boxing it will deliver everything you are talking about.
Good Luck.”


What most Martial Artists that do a “Traditional Asian Martial Art” believe to be Sparring is in fact just play fighting, they believe Sparring to be a test between two equals to try out their Skill, this is not Sparring, this is in fact a Match Fight, but instead of going in with intention of hurting their opponent they go in with intention of “not hurting their opponent”, or at least with the hope that their opponent will not be trying to hurt them.  In these situations if someone, usually accidentally, lands a good blow everything stops, apologies are offered and if the opponent is actually hurt then it is all over.

How can this be any use to you if someone means you harm?

Sparring, Play Fighting and Street Events may live in the same place in your imagination but they have absolutely nothing in common with each other.

To think that Sparring or Play fighting can be of any use in a Street Event is like thinking that doing the Butterfly Stroke at your local Swimming Pool will save you as you fall off a Cliff.

When talking or thinking about the Martial Arts or just Fighting we all get blinded by our own hopes and wishes, often to the point of self delusion, it can be helpful to look at things from a completely different environment to see the reality of our own situation.

On some levels Bullfighting and Rodeo Bull Wrangling are the same thing it is a Man against a Bull, but on a lot of other aspects there is no similarity at all, pretty much all Bovine Breeds have been selectively bred from the original Stock the long since extinct Aurochs, in time they were selectively bred to carry more Muscle {Meat} and be less Aggressive, other breeds were introduced like the Brahmin again cross breeding to make a less aggressive {Happy Cows get fatter} larger Animal, the Breeding Bulls are selected by their size and good temper, Rodeo Bulls are taken from normal Bovine Stock. At most they are the “Worst of a Good Bunch”.




 Spanish Fighting Bulls on the other Hand although coming from the same common ancestor were selectively bred to be smaller, more agile and much more aggressive, the selection of the Breeding Bulls is usually based on Bulls that have bettered other Bulls in the Paddock, natural selection of the nastiest.

Steer Wrangling is all about using Strength to overcome the Cow [usually a Calf] there is no subtleties just power and dominance, the Steer itself is not attacking, in fact it is trying its best to get away, the Wrangler lasso’s the Steer from a Horse then jumps on it and ties it up, the aim is control and not damage.

In Bullfighting however the Animal is enraged even before entering the Arena, that Rosette on the Bulls back is a Spike driven into its Spine to make sure it is really pissed off, it comes out looking for Blood, the aim of the Torero is to remain composed and redirect the Bulls anger with the Cape, wear it down and then pull out the hidden Sword and deliver the Estocada, the final thrust of the Sword, the Coup de Grâce.

Rodeo Clowns work in the Bull riding Arena, a cowboy attempts to ride a Bull, the Bull is not really into it and eventually throws him off, the Clowns are the Guys that try to get the attention off a pretty pissed of Bull that has just thrown its Rider, the aim is to get the Mad Cow to chase them rather than stomp on the grounded Rider, as dangerous as it is the Clowns have no intention of engaging the Animal, there are usually a team of them and they just try to get its attention and run away {occasionally they fail, the Bull gets them and that is never a good story}, do not get me wrong here, I think these are very courageous Men, you would not get me this close to an angry Bull.


Pass the Special Sauce would you.

Pass the Special Sauce would you.


When a Bad Guy picks YOU, it is like the Spanish fighting Bull coming out of the Pens looking for blood, I am certain you can see that if you try to ride this Baby or if you jump on it from a Horse you will be a long way from coming second.

A Street Event is just like facing a Spanish Fighting Bull, the question is what are you training to be, a Matador, a Wrangler or a Rodeo Clown and why on Earth do you think  the Bad Guy even considers your training.



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A few associates contacted me about the last post, one of them who is actually quite advanced in Wing Chun particularly disagreed with my saying that all movement started at the Feet, he said he was surprised to hear me say this and that I of all people should understand that in Wing Chun all movement, especially Chum Kiu starts from our Hips, {or the mysterious Dan Tien}.

This is a complete misunderstanding of how the Human Body works, not just from a Wing Chun standpoint either.

A couple of things to understand are that the Dan Tiens {there are 3 Major Dantien} are not Physical Realities, they do not exist in any tangible way so it is not possible for them to move anything.  Also the Hip is a Joint, and as such it or they are not capable of independent movement, they are a joint on the side of the Pelvis, a Cradle of Bone that is also incapable of independent movement, to be specific about what actually moves our Hips is not what any Martial Art bothers itself with. It is the results we crave.

Anyhow the Law of Inertia states that nothing that is still will move unless something external moves it, so the Hip does not move until something moves the Hip so Wing Chun movements are not initiated by the Hip but by whatever it is that moves the Hip.

If we look at Chum Kiu shifting, as we are standing in a Balanced and Stable position our Body weight is compressing our Leg and pushing the Foot firmly into the Floor, this is activating Newtons Third Law, “Springy Force”, once we cause our Hip to move out of alignment with our Leg, we are now out of Balance and Unstable, we are pretty much in free fall even if only marginally, the weight that was compressing the Leg is removed and the “Springy Force’’ decompresses returning the Leg to its normal length and propels the Unstable, out of Balance Body forwards, it makes no difference where the force originated from, the movement began as the Foot returned the force acting upon it up from the Floor.

It is important to understand the Un-importance of where the Force originated, more often than not we use our opponents Force.

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the second and third forms in Wing Chun is that they are Links in the Kinetic Chain that creates the instantaneous explosive Force that Wing Chun is known for, Chum Kiu and Bill Gee are not “Advanced Forms” they are just later segments in the same Essay that began with the Siu Nim Tao Form.

It is for this reason that I introduce my Students to the Body Movements usually associated with Chum Kiu and Bill Gee very early on in their training { the Knives and the Pole movements are just a farther development of the same moves in the Chum Kiu and Bill Gee}, it is my firmly held belief that if you are focusing mainly on the First Form, even if you become extremely competent at it you will never develop anything like the level of Force that someone with a basic working knowledge of the Second and Third forms will produce.

In many ways the movements of Chum Kiu and Bill Gee are just the two sides of the same coin, Chum Kiu tends to rotate outwards and Bill Gee tends to rotate inwards, with respect to understanding the Kinetic chain, Chum Kiu deals with the Lower half of the Body and Bill Gee deals with the upper half of the Body, in practice it allows us to co-ordinate the movement of the upper half of the Body with the movement of the lower half of the Body, it is a Chain, so the movements of Chum Kiu are performed prior to the movement of Bill Gee, they are not joined they stay independent Links. And the Final Link is of course one of the Arm Structures from the First Form, still independent.

It truly baffles me why so many Wing Chun practitioners do not spend more time working on the Second and Third Form movements, I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that the Siu Nim Tao is not fully realised until you have all Six Forms active, no power is created in the First Form, and for those who confront me with…

“Well how about your Sifu Jim Fung’s One Inch Punch”?

All I can say is that you obviously were not watching Sifu Jim when he delivered one, as small and subtle as his movements were they involved his whole Body dropping and coiling, a drop of a single Centimetre is still a drop,and to a very large extent the move was identical to Jack Dempsy’s Drop Step.

Johnny Nguyen from Expert Boxing does a great Job in this video, if you look you can see that his step is the same as our Chum Kiu shift { the first part not the regaining of the Stance part}, the front Leg is not an active part of this move it is really just taken out-of-the-way  just as it is not an active part of Chum Kiu.



The Chum Kiu and Bill Gee movements are teaching us to co-ordinate our movements and manifest the Kinetic Chain, that is their sole purpose, why some Schools choose to not use these Forms in favour of spending all their time on a Form that does not create any power is a mystery to me.

To truly understand how our Wing Chun is a “Great Big Awesome Kinetic Link” we would do well to look outside of Wing Chun so that we are not blinded by our passion, or painted into a Corner by our previously stated positions.

Go online to a site that teaches people how to Ice Skate such as “” or how to Row a Skull and compare the instruction to the shifting in Chum Kiu, then go to a site that covers Javelin Throwing or Discus Throwing and compare the information from the perspective of Bill Gee, these disciplines may seem unrelated at first but they are utilising the same ideas as we do in Wing Chun.





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I teach Wing Chun as a working, active and effective Martial Art that may be called upon to save your Ass in todays not so friendly environments. Sooner or later the NEED FOR SPEED comes into the conversation.


The need to get things done in a timely manner, to do unto others what they are trying to do unto you, but to do it first.

But what is SPEED?

And how do we develop it?

Speed itself is simply a measure of the magnitude of the rate of change in the Velocity of an Object, therefore Speed can  be said to be Objective, something observable and measurable, but when we talk about developing Speed in the Martial Arts it becomes very, very Subjective.  What one person believes is fast may not be quite so fast to another person.

As a younger Man, in fact until well into my 40’s I was actively involved in Club Level sport at a decent level, as a result I have had Professional Tutoring in quite a diverse range of disciplines.  Boxing, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and as different as these disciplines are they connect in many ways because at their Core they are dealing with the Human Condition.

My Ice Hockey Coach would say “It is the Body that Hits the Puck, not your Arms”, my Tennis Coach made a sticker for my Racket that I would look at while preparing to receive my opponents serve, it read “Fast Feet, Slow Hands”, both of these ideas are repeated in Golf.

Although I never heard the term until the late 1970’s what everyone was talking about and what we where involved in understanding was Kinetic Linking, or as it is known the Kinetic Link Principal…


The principle that body segments generate high end-point velocity by accelerating and decelerating adjacent links, using internal and external muscle torques applied to the body segments in a sequential manner from proximal to distal, from massive to least massive, and from most fixed to most free. The kinetic link principle is applied when different body segments rotate during throwing and kicking. These actions have been likened to the motion of a bullwhip. If segmental rotations are free to occur at the distal end, the body’s base-segments in contact with the ground act like the handle of a bull-whip. Just as the tip of the bullwhip can be made to travel at supersonic speed, the small distal segments of the hand and foot can be made to travel very fast by the sequential acceleration and deceleration of the body segments.

From:  kinetic link principle  in  The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science & Medicine »

“From proximal to distal, from massive to least massive, sounds the same to me as Fast Feet Slow Hands”.





Going back to my Clubs Boxing Coach {Charles Atkinson still coaching today today even though in his 70′s, he is the coach of Mary Kom the 5 times World Champion Woman Boxer} he would tell us that the only way {the absolutely only way} to Speed up how you Box is to get rid of all the things you do that slow you down, he maintained that you cannot improve on your natural {default level of} speed, so what you needed was to understand it and use it better, and when you consider that this is the same Coach that helped John Conteh to become Light Heavyweight Boxing World Champion……………………

My Tennis Coach {Doug Rowe another builder of Champions, he was instrumental in the Tennis of such greats as Wally Masur, John Fitzgerald and Jason Stoltenberg} would often say such things as “If he can’t reach the damn ball it doesn’t matter how fast or slow it is going” opening up the whole idea that Speed is a Subjective event that is influenced by all party’s involved, he was in his 70′s when I was 30 but he was always learning his craft, “It is the Mind that moves the Legs Derek, think quicker” was something he would offer me as advice.

How do we align this with Martial Arts training and Wing Chun in particular?

In Wing Chun we put great emphasis on not using over activated Muscle, this in itself keeps you firmly in the “Default” range of what your Body can or cannot do, the only way you can get your Hands to move quicker without tension is to start to build a Kinetic Chain, build it backwards, from Distal to Proximal, from your Hand back to your Body {Torso}, this is Siu Nim Tao, but this is only part of the Chain,the first link, from Distal to Proximal also means from one end to the other, so it is from the Hand to the Foot, this is Chum Kiu, or as my Ice Hockey Coach would put it “the Body may power the Hands but it is the Legs that power the Body”, once we have established the Hierarchical nature of this Chain we apply sequential acceleration, this is Bill Gee, “Fast Feet, Slow Hands”.

Simple Science shows us that there cannot be movement at all without some kind of intervention from Newtons Laws of Motion, we push something bigger and more stable than ourselves, like Mother Earth, and as a result we move, as a Human all movement is a result of our puny force being returned from the Planet and pushing us away, the first link in the chain is our Feet.

There are a lot of Instructors out there that will tell you some strange and mysterious tale about “INTERNAL ENERGY” of how it is special and unique and the hidden secret to effortless power, I am not trying to imply that they are conning you up with their snake oil talk, some are for certain, mostly they are simply ignorant about how the Human Body works, Kinetic Linking is why Usane Bolt can run 100 meters in under 10 seconds, Kinetic Linking is why Michael Jordan could fly, Kinetic Linking is why Tiger Woods can hit a golf Ball 300 meters, Kinetic Linking is why Mike Tyson could produce an upper cut with the same force as a 250 Kilo Hammer.

Kinetic Linking is how we move.




Improve your own Kinetic Linking and you will begin to approach your Bodies Potential.

But even if you do have excellent Kinetic Linking there needs to be something else.

My Tennis coach told me to “Your Mind controls your Legs, so speed up your thinking”, he was talking about “Strategic Thinking” as much as anything here, knowing what I needed to do, in Wing Chun we call this “Intent” or “Intention”, my whole Body must have the same “Intention”, my whole Body must be working to the same end, not just my Hands, not just my Torso, not just my Legs and definitely not just my Mind.

This is another aspect of what gets put in the “INTERNAL KUNG FU” category, when in all reality it is a natural part of being who we are, think of this, if someone asked you for directions to something quite close by you will point to it and say “It is just over there” if at this moment you observe yourself you will see that you are pointing with every single part of you’re Body and Mind, not just the Finger, “Intention” is automatic, unless it has been trained out of you, which is pretty much what happens at most Martial Arts Schools, often this is the fault of the Student as much as the Instructor, many Students do not want their Kung Fu to be made up of “ORDINARY THINGS” that other “Ordinary People”could achieve.

The Principals of Wing Chun call for Practicality, Simplicity and Directness, when we align ourselves with these principals there is nothing surplus to get in the way, as my Boxing Coach put it “the only way {the absolutely only way} to Speed up how you Box is to get rid of all the things you do that slow you down”.

When I play Chi Sau or Spar with my Students they always say things like “You are so fast but you do not seem to move”! And this of course is exactly why I am fast, minimal movement,often my Hands will move only a few centimetres but my Kinetic Chain will move from my Feet to their Heads, or to be more accurate my Kinetic Chain will bring about an alignment that allows them to bring their Heads to my Fist. The elapsed time from the beginning of my move to its completion are reduced to almost zero by my opponents movement not my own, my opponent is the most important component of my own speed.

If your own training is focused on doing Forms, or even on playing Chi Sau {as 2 Wing Chun Guys instead of a Good Guy – Bad Guy role} you will not become aware that most of the Power and most of the movement in a genuine encounter is brought in by the Bad Guy.

In Golf the rotation of the Body is mostly about getting it, your Body, out of the way so the Club can reach the Ball and do the work, once you appreciate that Wing Chun is a Counter Attacking Martial Art, hence the sayings in the Keun Kuit “He attacks first but I strike first” our “INTENTION” should be to find Gaps in our opponents defence so that he can step unhindered into our Strikes, and not look for gaps to step through and attack him, in this way I am moving very little so the event is over very, very quickly, which is what most people see as being Fast.

Kinetic Linking is everywhere in Wing Chun, it is present in small amounts in all 6 forms, which is why you should be doing all 6 Forms, the Pole Form in particular is simply about developing the correct link from Back foot to Front Fist, very small sequential accelerations through all of the body Segments result in the tip of the Pole achieving incredibly rapid advancement. It teaches you how to make small moves here finish astonishingly quickly over there.

Their is a well worn saying in the Martial Arts “When the only Tool you own is a Hammer, you see everything as a Nail” if your training is only working on the FIRST FORM you will think that everything is done with your Arms, your movements, no matter how concise you think they are, will be over large and quite ponderous, when I find a Student struggling to be effective the cause is usually that they are attempting to use FIRST FORM ideas in a dynamic situation.

Wing Chun is a complete and fabulous Martial Art and it has 6 Forms for a very good reason.





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Wing Chun Wednesday 02-04–2014



I held a Workshop / Masterclass on Multiple Attackers the other day, when I hold Masterclasses the Focus is on being able to use our Wing Chun to solve the immediate problem of the subject matter and not so much a lesson on “Upgraded” or “Advanced” Technique, in fact we tend to use the most accessible aspects of out training so that it works for the majority of those present and not just the more senior or adept.

One of our newer students was surprised by the fact that I kept advising NOT to engage the Bad Guys unless there was absolutely no other choice, he has just come from a Karate School where they taught all kinds of techniques for developing how to fight “Multiple Opponents” based on gaining a stronger position, keeping them in line, prevent them flanking you all the usual stuff.

This kind of setting only happens in a Classroom, not out on the Street, and it usually assumes that you have seen it coming, stayed calm and performed flawlessly, again all Classroom Artefacts.  The Solutions offered are usually adaptations of how we deal with the Basic Bad Guy, the usual “One on One” Street Incident but something I know all too well is that in reality dealing with Multiple Attackers is nothing like a “One on One” Street Incident, it will either be a SET UP or a SURPRISE and getting the position correct is not where your Head needs to be, Engaging People is not where your Head needs to be.

Escape is where your Head needs to be.

As Mr Miyagi famously put it…”Best defence, don’t be there”.

Time to leave I think.

Time to leave I think.

I will not go into the Work plan we used but it mostly revolved around “Shock and Awe and out the door”.

At the end of the evening we round out with a Q & A session, one of the Students asked in regards to one of the solutions “Can we do that in Wing Chun”?

In one form or another I have been asked this so often about my methods, as any reader of this Blog will know by now I teach Wing Chun as a Martial Art, not as a Cultural Experience, I teach my Students how to stay safe and get out of dangerous situations, I teach first and fore most that it is important to realise that Wing Chun is what we train, not what we do.

What we do is get out of trouble, what we use to do this is our Wing Chun training, if you do not understand the implication of this difference then when you go to your Wing Chun School you are involved in a Cultural Experience and not  Martial Arts Training.

If you are in trouble the only thought should be to get out of trouble.

Against Multiple Attackers that means breaking free and running away.



Sifu.. my Tarn Sau is not working.



If this does not make immediate sense then you may need to change what you think a Street Situation will be all about, it may shake your conviction for a while but once the dust settles and you accept that this was the way it always was anyway you will be training for something a lot more likely to happen.

Street Situations are very quick and very brutal, no one is practising, especially the Bad Guy, the whole thing is going to be over in well under 10 seconds so you need to be the one finishing it in 9 seconds,  do you train to get out of trouble to put people away, or are you training Chi Sau and the Siu Nim Tao Form, in your training scenarios do you incorporate putting your attacker down and pissing off, or do you stand around and wait for the applause?

The Nike defence has saved many lives, do you add it to your own training, do you actively have an exit strategy to use after you have dropped your best moves on a Bad Guy?

Another thing that always become apparent at the Q & A after a Masterclass is the Students usually do not think beyond the technique. They do not engage with the “Bigger Picture” of what will be going on if they are called upon to use their training.




So here we are it has all kicked off and you are deep in the middle of the one thing you never wanted to be in the middle of, being in the middle is easy, the Bad Guy decided that, but how do you end it?

What is a Win?

Does pushing him on his Ass and running away count as a win?

If it doesn’t will you allow yourself to take this option? “CAN WE DO THAT IN WING CHUN”?

There is plenty of advice handed out by Instructors about the importance of “Fighting to the Goal” but how do you know what the Goal is when you are in the middle of somebody else’s Sh*t Storm?

If in your own training the usual procedure is for you to do your stuff and then stop and let your Partner have his turn then guess what, that is the Goal of that training exercise, that is the Goal you are fighting to here and now, the Goal was to finish your attack and allow the other Guy to have a go.

In training if you do something wrong, use an improper Strike for the Combo or use it in a different sequence what do you do, do you carry on regardless to the Goal or do you stop and replay it. If you stop and replay then the Goal is perfection and not punishment.

Can a Strike really be delivered from too close, too far or be wrong in any way if it connects with the Target in such a way that it compromises the Targets defence and allows you to follow up with more Strikes?




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