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Once we get through the beginning stages of Wing Chun, past the Physical, Fighting training, that would be about past the Chum Kiu stage lets say, we are in truth no longer doing a Martial Art at all {and this is true of all Kung Fu not just ours} what we are now involved in is Taoist Alchemy.

Alchemy is usually depicted as a bunch of nutter’s trying to turn Lead into Gold, but what it is is trying to turn a base material {Lead being a Base or “lower” Metal} into a higher more refined Material { Gold being a refined, superior or “Higher” Metal} and when we are talking about Humans, we are trying to elevate ourselves from a “Base” Animal to a Higher Being. We are trying to become better Human Beings.

Once we choose this path we have no choice but to approach everything from the stand point of “Us” and not what is being done to “Us”, and that if we truly wish to be a better Human Being we change what we are, we do not bring things in from the outside we change what we are right now.

Einstein is quoted as saying “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created the problem”, and this is what we are really doing, we are changing our consciousness to a higher level to deal with problems caused by people of a lower level of consciousness.

 “Progress is not new skills in an old Universe, it is in fact old skills in a new Universe” I think that this is exactly what Einstein meant.

For example, if I do a “Cut Down” against you, it will succeed, but if you try to do a “Cut Down” on me it will more than likely fail. We would both be doing the same thing, using the same movement but the results would be vastly different, you would attribute this to me being more skilful, I would attribute this to me having created a Universe where my “Cut Down” works.

If you still see Wing Chun as training, stuff to learn, you are by choice living in a Universe where “Cut Downs” do not work.

To move on from this point we need to have a true and honest understanding of where we are right here, right now, and then we have to change the “Now”.

Everything is about changing the “Now”.

In the early movements of the S.L.T. Form you all extend Tarn Sau, perform Heun Sau and then withdraw Tor Sau.

I am not doing this, I have changed my Universe so that these things no longer have any relevance, I simply expand my Energy, control my Body then contract my Energy,.

Tarn Sau, Heun Sau and Tor Sau are simply the external physical manifestations of this action.

A lot of people have real issues when approaching this kind of work, this is were most drop out, they start to ridicule it, call it hippy Shit, but the truth is they are just scared, scared that their Ego could be wrong, Ego completely destroys Martial Skill, it prevents you from joining in on the “Event” that is unfolding, there can be no “Event” if there is “You” and “Him”, there can only be an “Event” when there is no EGO.

There is no “I” in EVENT.

Your “I” awareness will always have you fighting, when you join the “Event”.

On a level of Cosmic Consciousness all you are doing is resolving Tensions.

When I “Cut Down” I observe and identify the tension, and resolve it, when you “Cut Down” you try to do something that in truth does not even exist.

This is remapping, and it is very difficult, many people are resistant and refuse to move forward, it does not matter how long you have been training, or who you trained with, if you are not in the process of resolving tension then you are a Beginner, and you can be a beginner forever, it does not matter how long you have trained, like wise you can become an accomplished practitioner overnight by simply understanding what it is we are involved in, it does not take 20 Years, it is instant, thought travels at the speed of light.

Two of the Principals of Wing Chun are Practicality and Simplicity.

Simplicity means less complicated, and when something is less complicated it is of course more practical. Is it less complicated to have 5 ways to deal with one attack, I do not think so.

I think it is simpler and more practical to learn one way to deal with 5 attacks, this is Wing Chun, it gets smaller and less complicated as we advance through the work.

But this in itself creates a problem for many people, surely to be considered a “Good” Martial Artist you would have at least 27 ways to deal with every situation.

They try to make their Martial Art bigger and bigger and try to tell us that this makes it better and better, something that does not take a Genius to see that it is going in the wrong direction.

Anyone that is still connected to techniques is a beginner, a rank beginner, there are no techniques, how can there be?

Once we have reached the stage of Entry, S.L.T. Movements and Chum Kiu Movements, then for all intents we know all there is to know, and that contrary to some we need to let go of things and not bring more things in, it does not mean that you should come to me and ask for another 6 ways to deal with a Roundhouse Punch, this is what I meant earlier when I said understand where you are “Now”.

There are those among us that say that S.L.T. is beginning, Chum Kiu is Intermediate and Bill Gee is advanced {we are growing, see how we are growing}  we know all this S.L.T. Stuff then we add all of the knowledge from Chum Kiu {we are getting really good now} and then we add of the knowledge from Bill Gee {we must be wonderful now} and we have 27 ways to deal with a punch.

This is so wrong, S.L.T. is Emptiness, nothing, if you multiply nothing by 10 you get nothing, if you multiply nothing by a thousand you get nothing.

This is the test.





I find it quite understandable that new Students get excited about increasing their Power Output, it is a confidence thing, but when it comes to people 2,3 or more years into their training this becomes a waste of time, all they are really doing is polishing their EGO.

Let me explain my reasons for this opinion.

QUESTION:  Why do people try to develop more power?

ANSWER: A bit of a “No Brainer” this one, to be able to hit harder and have the ability to cause more damage to the “BAD GUY”.

When your knowledge is minimal and your experience not much better this almost makes sense, if you can increase your power by 25% – 50% then your 200 Kilo impact is now 250 to 300 Kilo.

Sure you can really put down some hurt on your Pads, but a moving opponent that does not want to be hit ?????  Only a perfectly placed Punch on a static target can hope to pull them kind of numbers people think about in Power Training.

If you understand the Wing Chun Sun Punch { any Wing Chun strike for that matter} it does not realise its power until the very last moment as we activate Fa Jing split seconds before contact, it manifests itself at one very specific point, it does not, as I have heard people say, hit with full power anywhere it touches.

You need Focus and Intention,  these are not arbitrary values.

Once you become aware of the fact that damage is cumulative then the realisation that 2 ordinary strikes will more than likely deliver more force than the BIG ONE can leave only one conclusion.

Something I drum into my Students is that the easiest way to double the impact on any opponent is to HIT THEM TWICE.  And this is very much in line with Wing Chun’s philosophy of hitting multiple times, there is a much higher possibility of landing quick, light {say 75 kg} punches than 300 Kilo Bell Ringers, and 4 of these light strikes will reward you with the same impact force as your Monster Hit.

Despite this very intelligent reason this is not the main reason I think that training for power is pointless.

Any Physical interaction between 2 non compliant Human Beings has way too many variables involved to reasonably expect any attack to be more than 50% in either participants control simply because no one can be sure of the other Guys position. This is why I think Wing Chun is so clever {and why I also think that so many Schools train incorrectly} by allowing, in fact needing the attacker to come on to us, when he does we improve the chances of knowing where he will be at any given time.

Your very limited training time would be better spent working on your Footwork {most Wing Chun Students are  unbelievably poor movers for Martial Artists} so that you can have a greater control of the orientation of yourself and the attacker.  This is where the Mok Jan Jong comes into its own.

There are some important mental and emotional aspects that should not be ignored when it comes to becoming more powerful, the MENTALITY of hitting HARD is very much part of the “Attacker Mindset”, it is a BULLY attitude to want to hit someone as hard as possible, especially when you are shaping your training to this end, the quest for MORE POWER {even if you try to manifest this by moving quicker than you presently do} invariably causes people to use Strength, more exertion, both of which are the destroyers of Skill.

Emotions play a subtle part in everything we do, confidence is really just an emotion, and there are certain practices that chew at your confidence even as you are working to improve it.

Striving for a more powerful strike is subtly but continually sending the negative message that your current ability, your present level of Power is not enough to get the job done, think about it, if you truly do have confidence in your Strikes why do you need to change them?

There is a humorous but very accurate saying “It is not Speed that Kills it is the sudden STOP”!

It is RAPID DECELERATION that creates Impact Power,  and this messes with Wing Chun Students because one of the HOLY TRUTHS is the Power comes from ACCELERATION .

The conventional wisdom dictates that Power is achieved by acceleration, going faster , by making our Impact weapon of choice accelerate {increase velocity} into {not through} the Target,

But is this really true? Or is it just a way for people that do not like Physics to explain something that they do not understand? A fact many are ignorant of is that in Science speak even going slower is referred to as acceleration.

Speed does not Kill.

It is the sudden stop that causes the damage.

Sudden almost instant deceleration to Zero.

A lot of people will laugh and say “Yeah I know that”, but knowing something and understanding something are completely different, so much so that it is as if you really do not know at all.

Without going into a discussion of the Laws of Motion let us just say that as things increase Velocity they get heavier, and as they slow down they become lighter {a quick example of sorts, if you are driving along in your Car at 60 km and you see a Stop Sign and gently apply the Brakes the Car slides to a gentle stop and actually feels as if it is getting lighter, however if the same Car at the same speed were to slam on the Brakes the Car skids and lurches to a sudden halt and you can feel the weight of the Car actually increasing as it grinds to a stop}, everything that moves gathers momentum, stored Kinetic energy, and as the Velocity increases so does the momentum, and so does the stored Kinetic energy, as the Velocity decreases the Kinetic energy decreases {or is discharged as Heat and Noise as in skidding Tyres in the case of the Emergency Stop}.

Real Power is in the rate of deceleration, the slower the deceleration the weaker the force the faster the deceleration the stronger the force, when a Boxer rolls with a Punch he is actually extending the amount of time it takes for the Punch to be forced to a stop, to be brought to Zero so he is weakening the strength of the Punch that lands on him.

In everyday usage when a guy is just standing still and you Punch him in the Nose, it is the amount of time that it takes his Nose to stop your Punch that creates the Power and not how hard you hit him {also worth thinking about is the fact that you will put a lot more force into the nose of a “Big Guy” than you will a “Small Guy”, the “Big Guy’s” extra mass will slow your Punch down much more rapidly}, added to this when you latch him forward into the same Punch everything happens even quicker, you effectively reduce the time it takes for his Nose to stop your Punch and increase the Power even more.

Acceleration will obviously improve power production, but you need to understand what you are accelerating, when to accelerate it and where you are accelerating it to if it is to be of any real use to you in increasing Power. Because to much acceleration will increase penetration, which is actually extending the time it will take for your Punch to come to Zero, and as such it will decrease Power.

Let us use the Car analogy again, if a Car is travelling at 120km and it runs into a Wooden Fence it will crash right through it, extended penetration, the Car is hardly deformed by the release of the stored energy, picking up significant damage along the way to be sure, but more than likely mostly cosmetic, but when the same Car at the same speed hits a Concrete Wall the front of the Car comes to an instant stop, minimum penetration, but the back of the Car keeps on moving forward crushing the rest of the Car as the stored Kinetic energy looks for release.

When I teach my Guys how to Punch I instruct them to try to sink only 10cm into the Target, and to leave their Hand in the Target and allow the Body to remain in motion as long as possible, this creates the best environment for rapid deceleration to Zero of the Fist with the Body weight continuously transferring into that same contact point.

This is not meant to be anything more than discussion to inspire you to do your own research, so do not bother correcting the Science, for one thing there is the whole topic of the Vector of the Momentum that is so important and can change all of this, it is just a conversation.

Understanding the Laws of Motion can teach you more about Impact Striking that 20 years of S.L.T.



In Wing Chun many Students just simply fail to connect the dots when it comes to how we generate our Hand speed in punching or our foot speed in kicking, they just try to move their Hands or Feet as quick as they can.
If you have been doing Wing Chun for more than 25 minutes then you already know that we define “Power” as being the result of “Mass times Velocity”, and that the Mass we are referring to is our Body.
In easy terms weight moving in an accelerating way {not necessarily at high speed,  for instance 20 Kph. high speeds tend to reach their own maximum velocity very quickly and as such have run out of acceleration}, just at a steady increase in acceleration for instance steadily moving from 1 Kph through to 6 Kph}, and we do this by connecting a series of separate movements that run simultaneously.
If we take “Stepping Punch”, the movement of the Leg pushes the Hip {or Centre of Mass} this in turn moves the Shoulder area at the same speed, we then add the rotation of the Shoulder joint that moves the upper Arm and extends the elbow forward, we then add the rotation of the Elbow Joint that that extends the Wrist forward and then we add the rotation of the Wrist that extends the Fist forward.
Leg pushes {Hip} ShoulderShoulder pushes Elbow, Elbow pushes Wrist, Wrist pushes Fist.
If the Leg {pushing} is moving at say  4 units of speed, Shoulder {rotating} at 3 units, Elbow {flexing} at 2 units, Wrist {rotating / extending} at 1 unit then the fist at the end is moving with the combined total of 10 units {it would actually be more due to the accelerating velocity but this is not a Maths blog} 2.5 times the speed of our Body movement.
There is a Hierarchy in place here that must be strictly adhered to, the events in the Chain must flow from the previous to the next {the back of the Car moves to the front of the Car}, and all events must be operating at the same time, so when the final rotation of the Wrist happens the first push from the Leg is still happening, and so are all the other movements, it should be obvious that for this to happen the speeds of each link in this chain must never equal let alone surpass the link behind them or the Chain gets broken and simply no longer exists. If you move your Arm quicker than your Body then there is no way that your Body’s weight can can flow into that Arm.
Imagine a Relay Race, you cannot pass on the Baton if the next Guy in the Relay is running faster than you!!
At one time or another all of us have pushed a shopping Trolley, our Body becomes the source of Power that moves the Trolley, we are the accelerator, suddenly we come to the down ramp that leads to the Car Park and the Trolley begins to get away from us, at this point our body becomes the Brake, this is what happens when you just throw out your Arm, not only do you lose the possibility for your Body weight to increase the power of your strike, your Brake / Body actually causes the strike to decelerate.
So if you wish to improve your contact power, slow down that Arm, slow down that Leg and work on smoothing out the co-ordination of your Body connections, after all that is one of the primary objectives of all of our forms, especially Chum Kiu.





Woo Sau and the Third Rotation.
The three rotations of our Arm structures in Wing Chun can be seen for ease of explanation as ;
  1. The Shoulder rotates the upper Arm.
  2. The Elbow rotates the Fore Arm.
  3. The Wrist rotates the Hand.
The above explanations are not actual, they are just Ball Park descriptions for ease of explanation as we all know the Elbow is a Hinge and as such does not rotate {it appears circular because of the fixed point of the Anchor}. We should all be aware of what they are and what they do in reality from our analysis of Tarn Sau.

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Recently one of my Students commented that they could not source any good information about the practice of Dai Gung, something that is widely followed in my Lineage of Wing Chun.

The main reason was that he was looking in the wrong places, he was looking in Wing Chun and then Kung Fu locations when this aspect is not even Chinese.

The practice of Dai Gung, in fact the idea behind the whole physical set up in Wing Chun and other Southern Fists is from the Indian Practice of  MAHA BANDHA or the Great Locks.

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Many Years ago, when I was still in high School, we were studying the arrival of Hernán Cortés and the Spanish into the Americas, one thing that always stuck in my Head  {apart from the fact that the Aztecs cooked Fish with Chocolate} was that my History Teacher told us that the Science of the Day {1967} believed that because the Aztecs had no previous knowledge of any kind at all of the type of Ships the Spanish arrived in they could not process the information when the Giant Ships appeared on the horizon, so their Brains just did not see them, so the Spanish appeared to just walk out of the Water like Gods, add to this the fact that they held Sticks that flashed and then people died and the Aztecs where well and truly Brain Fuged. They had no “Frame of Reference” with which to build a Mental Image, and without this Mental image there is no reality.  These Days this is often referred to as an “Out of Context Problem”.

One of the reasons many Students struggle with the early stages {pre First Form Level Understanding} of training is because to a certain extent everything we do is an “Out of Context Problem”, it is all new and ever so strange, especially Single Chi Sau.

Is it any wonder that it is slow and heavy going.

Now that you have arrived if you think back over what you have been taught up to  First Form Level Understanding…

All Levels are an understanding of the relevant Form you are working on and not solely dependent on ability, the unhappy truth is that you will never use your training the way it is taught to you so being good at copying, the whole HOW of it all, is of a lot less use that understanding the reasons WHY.

….it is not hard to see that it covers just about everything you would ever need in any given situation, so First Form Level Understanding is really about filling the “Tool Box”, Second Form Level Understanding is all about learning to understand the uses and applications of all of the tools in the Box, the big difference between the training in pre First Form Level Understanding and the training towards Second Form Level  is that now you have a complete and effective “Frame Of Reference” to help you “SEE” what you are trying to achieve, there is very little new information, you have all learned enough now it is time for comprehension, in many ways the upper Levels represent no “New Knowledge” just deeper understanding of all the things you experienced in pre First Form Level Understanding .

A great deal of what you have been through has been about establishing future “Frames of Reference”, even in the very early Days of training you were being introduce to actions and concepts that you may not re visit and cover again until Third Form Level Understanding or beyond, with the sole intention being that when the new information is presented to you it will not be so strange that you will struggle, you will have a “Frame of Reference” to hang your training on { and so you will see the Ships when they arrive, and not think that Gods have stepped from the Water}.  The attainment of First Form Level Understanding means that you posses knowledge that not even you yourself are aware of at this point in time, by the time you all attain Second Form Level Understanding  you will be much, much better at what you do but will not really understand why.  By the time you attain Third Form Level Understanding you will begin to understand and by Fourth Form Level Understanding you will wonder why you could not see it in the first place.

If you think that training towards Second Form Level Understanding is just another forced march forward, more techniques, more Chi Sau, in short more of the same then you will never bridge that Gap that you have just created.

The physical work is almost over, stop pushing yourself, the whole idea of not using force applies even to how we approach thinking about our training.

It is time….

Turn off your Body…..

Engage your Brain….

Avoid Force….